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With 60 dealers and counting around the world, we've been able to expand our ability to provide amazing playgrounds, outdoor gyms and parkour areas for billions of people.

Browse the gallery of inspirational projects around the world!

Shopping mall playground - Woolu Bear mascot comes to life in Hong Kong

The fun shopping mall mascot Woolu Bear comes to life in a joy-filled playground. This playful space provides hugs and laughter for everyone.

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Creative kindergarten playground in Norway

At this playground, little ones can explore their imaginations as they interact with engaging equipment that was designed to help them develop skills in exciting and creative ways. With a range of activities tailored for toddlers, it's the ideal spot for spirited role-play fun!

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Dubai Creek Harbour Leisure Park, UAE

This marine themed shaded play area in Dubai features two large sea creatures and an outdoor sports area.

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Karingal Hub Happy Camp in Australia

Karingal Hub Happy Camp is the result of a collaborative design approach between Lappset and our partner Lark Industries.

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Bringing the fun to town in Latvia

Companies based in the Latvian town of Dobele sought to improve conditions for the people in their community. To this end, Lappset was chosen as the supplier of a new playground to be built there.

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Playground in a shopping mall yard in Ukraine

A playground project that began at the end of 2021 has now been installed in June 2022 in the town of Lutsk, in the northwest part of Ukraine.

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play castle lappset overview 1.jpg
A themed play castle brings history to life in the Netherlands

Imagine yourself in a world of castles, knights and swords. We brought the former Nijenborgh Castle in the Netherlands back to life with an impressive and authentically themed play castle! A fantastic playground that is accessible to everyone.

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school yard playground flora denmark 1 1600.jpg
Vibrant playground in a school in Denmark

A school in Denmark had an old worn playground, which was replaced by a play area invites students to play and be active

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playground singapore 4.jpg
Nature inspired residential area playground in Singapore

The beautiful Flora products are designed to merge the playgrounds to the nature around, to the trees and bushes surrounding. The universal design of Flora works all around the world!

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sen school uk 1600 2.jpg
Schoolyard playground in the United Kingdom

Our local partner Redlynch Leisure was excited to do this project at a school in North London, and the finished scheme look fantastic upon completion!

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themed playground romania lappset 1.jpeg
Ocean themed playground in Romania

The playground is located in Vadeni village, in the county of Braila which is in the Danube delta area and near the Black Sea, so a marine theme was a must.

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A bootcamp route in the Netherlands

Members of AVH sports club initiated a bootcamp route which is realized by the help of European Union LEADER funds. The route runs over the entire sports park and is publicly accessible so that everyone can use it freely.

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Butterfly themed playground in Finland

It may come as a surprise to some, but it does get warm enough in Finland to see butterflies in the summer; and in the town of Riihimäki in southern Finland, there are so many that they’ve actually named a park after them.

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Customised playground in Rovaniemi, Finland

During summer of 2021 the Kirkkolampi park, beside Rovaniemi’s picturesque church and pond, received a facelift in the form of a customized playground that we refer to as the City Play Tower.

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Decoy Park -32 main unit-1600.jpg
Decoy Country Park in the United Kingdom

Decoy park is one of the most popular parks in the UK, welcoming over 400,000 visitors a year to the playground and surrounding park!

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vertical maze 1600 2.jpg
Vertical Maze amazes in France

School of Parmentier in Paris wanted a stand-out playground but had only a small area to use for it. Lappset's design team came up with the idea of the Vertical Maze “Tunturi” - a new, wooden modular structure that fits in a smaller space.

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Castle themed playground in Finland

This wonderful and unique family park offers something for everyone!

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Inclusive public park in Australia designed in collaboration with the local community

Thomas Street Reserve is a new, fully inclusive public park in Hampton, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia.

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Impressive lighthouse playground delights visitors at a holiday resort in France

Inspired by the local famous lighthouse of Port of Guilvinec, the idea of the playground was planned together with the customer.

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Modern playground in Abu Dhabi

Al Nahyan park in Abu Dhabi by Gebal Group is a popular family park.

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lappset senior sport 2.jpg
Therapy garden for the elderly in the Netherlands

Therapy garden for visually impaired and blind elderly invites to move and be social.

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WAB 5-1600-2.jpg
Students designed a functional playground at the Western Academy of Beijing, China

Old and big international school in China with a modern refurbished playground.

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Playground with a tree house in Australia

In a land most well-known for kangaroos and koala bears, you’ll find a magical place full of wonder and imagination.

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Playground in a theatre garden in Poland

Renowned for its many beautiful and historic architecture, Krakow’s Ludowy Theatre Garden is now home to a truly unique Halo Cubic installation that has piqued the interest of local travel bloggers, as well.

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lappset public playground in kraków poland (16)-1600-900.jpg
Large public recreational park with Wall-Holla in Poland

Turning unused space into a popular family oasis!

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lappset playground castle ireland
Dragon' Den playground, Ireland

Dragon is watching from the hill, as the knights prepare to protect their castle... How fun playing in this playground must be! The customer of this project was the Ark Open Farm, an attraction mainly visited by families, schools, and youth clubs. They had installed a Lappset play area supplied by Allplay already in 2014 and wanted to add another attraction to enhance their visitor experience

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Cover Image-1600.jpg
Themed Playground on the Greek island of Rhodes

The playground is situated within the newly built Atlantica Dreams Resort, on the picturesque island of Rhodes.

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Magical Flora Playground in Sweden

The nature inspired design of Flora fits perfectly into the verdant landscape of the Botanical Garden.

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Impressive Cubic playground in Australia

Lyndarum North Estate by AV Jennings takes the accolade as the first location in Australia to feature the extremely impressive Cubic tower.

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Kaisa group_china_lighthouse_IMG_4510.jpg
Kaisa Golden Bay playground in China

The coastal lifestyle inspired the playground design at Kaisa Golden Bay, Shenzhen, China.

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Moomin-themed playground in Finland

Katariina Seaside Park provides a wonderful place for Moomin-themed play by the Baltic sea.

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Baiona- Castillo2_banner.jpg
Play castle in Baiona, Spain

Medieval Finno castle is a perfect centerpiece for this playground situated in a historical town called Baiona in Spain.

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Tiger Park and Farm at Ranua Wildlife Park, Finnish Lapland

The Tiger Park forms an astonishing play area of ca 1.000 square metres with twin Flora Towers rising up to almost ten metres, furnished with two natural-sized tiger characters. The Farm offers play opportunities to toddlers in traditional Finnish farm style. Lappset designed the play area in close cooperation with the client, furnished with the playground equipment and took care of the installations.

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parkour equipment
Dash Parkour in the Netherlands

Freerunner Samuel van Rijn is happy with the new freerun setup in The Hague: "I love this freerun park!

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Pumptrack in the city of Reykjavik

Lappset Pumptrack caters to riders of all ages, whether on a bicycle, a scooter, a skateboard or roller skates or even in a wheelchair.

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The Whale is the result of an elaborate plan to provide Barcelona with top-level children's playgrounds.

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Spider in Spain

The municipality of Vallecas wanted a children's area themed with insects with a Steam-Punk aesthetic.

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Ode to climbing

A 2,5 meters high and 30 meters long climbing structure is in an urban area right next to a modern and eye-catching library building.

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A Treehouse inspired playground in Madrid

As children, we dream of a nest of our own, high up on the tree top. A secret hideaway where to climb and where to play imaginative games.

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Camping site playground in Zuidduinseweg, The Netherlands

”This is something you really need to try yourself", said each and every one of our testers of the Halo Diamond. What is it all about?

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Playground and sports park in Finland

The Municipality of Sievi decided to invest in the well-being of its residents of different ages by investing in a well-equipped local sports and play park.

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Playground in one day, Enschede, The Netherlands

Lappset, our subsidiary Yalp and the Krajicek Foundation installed a playground in one day with the help of the community of Enschede.

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Finno motoric track in Haaksbergen, The Netherlands

Customised Finno motoric track in a primary school in Haaksbergen, Netherlands, helps to develop children's motorical skills.

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190611 07 Clayton Rd 1157-web-1600-900.jpg
Caulfield to Dandenong Level Crossing Removal Project

More room for sport and exercise down under.

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The Books playground in Cornellà, Spain

The Books is a special design of the Lappset Premium Collection

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Ship inside a shopping centre in Finland

Modern, customized play ship makes sure that families enjoy the whole day in an outlet village in Vaalimaa.

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Lappset premium_olives_banner.JPG
Lappset Premium: Olives in Spain

Who will reach the highest olive first?

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Finno_skyline_banneri_ kotka.jpg
Finno Skyline tower in Finland

What is in the horizon? Finno Skyline Town provides a playful watchtower from where you can see far into the Baltic sea.

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Spectacular Dino in Madrid

Is this the biggest dinosaur in the world?

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Simón Bolívar Metropolitan Park_kuva1.jpg
Simón Bolívar Metropolitan Park in Colombia

The colorful Finno playground equipment invite children to play in the very center of Colombia's capital, Bogotá.

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Unique rooftop playground in Hong Kong

Metroplaza's colorful playground invites children to an imaginative play.

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Footscray Park in Australia

Customised Flora tower turned into a Robin Hood treehouse at Footscray Park in Australia.

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Modern playground in Sint Truiden

Cubic, a modern treehouse and the interactive Sona are definitely the highlights of this lovely playground in Sint Truiden, Belgium.

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China Ancient park 3_bannerikuva.jpg
Ancient Park in China

This beautiful park in Cherry Valley, China combines different activities and it is in harmony with the surrounding nature.

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Finno tower_reference_Comune di Calderara di Reno.jpg
Finno tower, Italy

Lappset's MyDesign customised a Finno activity tower according to the wishes of the customer for this new urbanization park in Italy.

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Unique WallHolla playground in Sweden

Uppsala Municipality decided to include the preferences of the children in the area when planning for Lina Sandells Park.

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finno_memory park_au_reference.jpg
Finno tower, Memory Park, Australia

The centrepiece of the park is a 7 meters high Finno tower.

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Panda-proof playground in Ähtäri Zoo

Panda-proof climbing frames designed from the Flora collection.

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LEGOLAND Pirate Ship Pirateninsel Hotel 2018-1600-900.jpg
Pirate playground in LEGOLAND Deutschland Resort

Lappset Creative Designed and Delivered A Pirate Ship Playground to LEGOLAND Deutschland Resort in Günzburg, Bavaria.

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First Cubic installed in China

Cubic is the new landmark of every park and playground.

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Modern playground in Motor Museum, Latvia

This playground combines modern technology with traditional play equipment, and the result looks fresh and fun!

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Hotel playground in Poland

Matching colours and high quality materials make this playground a real eye candy.

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Colourful playground full of suprises, Latvia

Large playground located near nature appeals families with colours and suprising features

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Daddy's Diner and Bella Roma restaurants

The turn-key project achieved a better visibility and enhanced the customer experience.

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Activities for all ages in Rovaniemi

The Rovaniemi Central Park Sports Park combines three generations, providing solutions for playing, sports, senior sports and also taking into account urban sports.

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playground in ukraine
Resort in western Ukraine

Luxurious resort in the western Ukraine wanted to offer its customers outdoor play and fitness areas.

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Flora playground in Raseborg, Finland

This beautiful, nature playground is situated in Raseborg, Finland.

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Senior sport equipment balance Senioriliikunta tasapaino
Senior Park Finland

The Senior Park in the yard of the Health Center is very widely used by the customers. Also the other citizens of the municipality are very welcome to exercise and meet people. The Senior Park is located in Hausjärvi, Finland.

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Santa Maria Ship Riga, Latvia

Santa Maria ship is one of a kind playground ship.

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Allas Sea Pool Helsinki

The Allas offers its visitors an idea of good modern life right in the heart of the city.

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Lappset Wall- Holla
World's biggest Wall-Holla

The multifunctional play structure of the Wall-Holla provides a broad range of climbing fun for kids.

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Lappset pumptrack
Pumptrack Jyvaskyla

Pumptrack in city of Jyväskylä, Finland gets kids moving!

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Lappset inclusive design playground
Inclusive playground, Lerum Sweden

The municipality of Lerum in Sweden designed and implemented, together with our Swedish subsidiary Lappset Sweden, an accessible playground where every user was taken into account.

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Cover image_web.jpg
Themed playground in Athens, Greece

Themed playground in Athens, Greece

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Parkour field telineet
Parkour project in Quebec, Canada

Quebec`s first parkour area project turned out as an awesome park!

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Lappset spaceship, MyDesign playground
Space Age Playground 奕欧来 Shanghai Village

Located at Value Retail China’s flagship shopping village in Shanghai, this fascinating playground is inspired by the concepts of machinery and travel.

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Play and sports park in Romania

The city decided to make a change and transform an old kart track into an oasis of play and sports accessible for people of all ages.

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Park furniture Lappset kadunkalusteet
Park Båstad benches Sweden

Lappset’s range of park and street furniture comprises of old classics and new modern furniture. Båstad is one of the classics, a romantic park bench in the English garden style.

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Garden furniture Lappset puutarhakalusteet
Park Nonstop benches Sweden

Nonstop range of outdoor furniture consists of various benches, chairs and tables.

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Lappset playground
Finno playground China

Today, playgrounds are designed to offer something to do for children who prefer to play traditionally and for children who are digital natives. Fujian Fuzhou in China is a great example of this kind of thinking.

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Lappset Parkour Solutions area alue
Parkour area Latvia

Parkour is a method of physical training consisting of multiple movements done by using the surrounding elements.

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Lappset outdoor sports area ulkoliikunta-alue
Nikkilä Heart Finland

Nikkilän Sydän is an educational centre in Sipoo which offers versatile opportunities for physical activity ranging from bodyweight training to ball games.

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Lappset housing area with sport equipment asuinalueen liikuntapuisto
Leinelänkaari Finland

Residents of Lumo rental homes now have versatile outdoor sporting opportunities on their doorstep.

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Lappset Fitness sport equipment holiday resort liikuntavälineet leirintäalueella
Boda Sand fitness park Sweden

Gym and wellness go hand in hand with summer holiday resorts' other offers for its visitors.

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Fitness park Netherlands

Outdoor gym at the University of Twente invites students to be active outdoors.

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Lappset Halo playground
Halo playground Canada

Powered by solar panels, the Halo range contributes to sustainable development.

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Lappset flora climbing track
Artists Park playground Australia

Environmental values and sustainable development are important values not only for landscape architects and designers, but also for clients and families with children. Flora is Lappset’s answer to the demand for natural play.

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Wooden sport arena Liikunta areena
Arena at Saari school Finland

The pupils of Saari School were asked to name their new S Arena, and they chose the name Roimanni.

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Outdoor gym at terrace Ulkoilmakuntosali kattoterassilla
Rooftop gym Finland

There is nothing better than being outdoors and exercise!

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Lappset santa maria boat, motoric track
Santa Maria playground Netherlands

Santa Maria ship is one of a kind playground ship.

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Lappset Creative Peter Rabbit
Peter Rabbit FEC UK

Lappset delivered the world’s first PETER RABBIT Adventure Playground to Willows Activity Farm in England in 2016

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Lappset MyDesign playground
EcoBotanic playground Malaysia

Residents of the new gated residential area of EcoBotanic in Nusajaya, Johor Bahru City, in Malaysia value well-being of their environment, which is why ecological values led the design work not only of their new housing area but also the playground.

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