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Parkour L

Parkour example areas are gathered with experts in this area of sports. The Cloxx Parkour products conform to the European Standard for Playground equipment EN 1176. L-size area is 24 m x 20 m wide and it includes next products: 220531 Tic-Tac Cube M, 220501 Precision ball yellow x4, 220502 Precision ball grey x4, 220520 Spider cage S, 220540 Precision bar x4, 220541 Precision beam, 220542 Precision beam wide, 220543 Precision curve, 220546 vailt box, 220539 Precision bar extra x3, 220530 Tic-Tac cube S, 220547 Vault rails S, 220549 Vault rails L, 220510 Gibbonswing S, 220513 Gibbonswing L, 220526 Spider cage L, 220545 vault box, 220590 Info sign, 220505 Pyramid climber, Fun bank x2

Technical information

Installation information

  • Foundation options
    deep_mounting, surface_mounting

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