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Technical information

  • Product length, mm
  • Product width, mm
  • Product height, mm


Walls/HPL parts
  • Dark grey RAL 7024 Dark grey RAL 7024
  • Light grey RAL 7040 Light grey RAL 7040
  • Red RAL 3020 Red RAL 3020
  • Fuchsia RAL 4006 Fuchsia RAL 4006
  • Blue RAL 640-2 Blue RAL 640-2
  • Green RAL 6018 Green RAL 6018
  • Lime green RAL 250-3 Lime green RAL 250-3
  • Yellow RAL 1003 Yellow RAL 1003

Installation information

Installation instructions

Switch it Switch It!

This product has a variety of different combination possibilities. Choose the colors, materials and elements that you want. Please note that the SwitchIt! Options may have an impact on the product price. Please contact our customer service or your local dealer and ask for an offer of a customized product. 

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