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Vault Square U

Top of the line vaulting square gets your vaulting skills to a new level with perfect wall heigth and surface. Want to combine vault to another vault, precision landing or underbar? No problem! "Vault square U" has all these functions packed in one single product. It also offers intuitive loop for balancing drills and games. Inner walls always have coloured graphic elements. Colours are derived from other elements in the layout.
Safety info
EN 16899 TÜV

Technical information

  • Product lenght, mm
  • Product width, mm
  • Product height, mm
  • Height required, mm

Installation information

Installation instructions

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This product has a variety of different combination possibilities. Choose the colors, materials and elements that you want. Please note that the SwitchIt! Options may have an impact on the product price. Please contact our customer service or your local dealer and ask for an offer of a customized product. 

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