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The new, unique SoftBlock products are suitable for being used as benches, space dividers and balancing tracks, among others. They can stand alone, or they can be combined into different assemblies in such places as sidewalks, shopping malls or parks. Build your favourite combo from a wide range of colours.

SoftBlock straight length: 500 mm, width: 350 mm, height:  400 mm. All SoftBlock products are available in EPDM 1 and EPDM 2 colors.
With SoftBlock curve, you can create, for example,  fun circles or curved benches. In addition to benches, the elements can be used as space dividers or balancing trails.
By combining different colored SoftBlock 3D products into cubes, for example, you can create fun and colorful design elements. SoftBlock products are weatherproof and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
Indoors, the products can be glued directly to the base. In outdoor use, the elements can be mounted on concrete or installed, for example, on a rubber base. If you need deep foundation, you can order the necessary installation parts form Lappset. 
Why SoftBlocks?
  • With SoftBlocks you can create colourful and functional environments.
  • By combining several SoftBlocks you can create different shapes.
  • Versatile functionality (bench, balancing element, space divider, design element).
  • Good selection of colors allow fantastic design possibilities
  • Suitable for different kind of environments both outdoors and indoors.
  • Products are made environmentally friendly and the material can be recycled.

Available only from Lappset!

Lappset softblock
Softblock kaaret
Softblock ympyrä kaarista
Softblock kaksi 3D elementtiä

EPDM rubber

EPDM is a synthetic rubber material that does not wear in use, because all the granules are dyed through. The coating of EPDM products is EPDM rubber and the inner parts are dyed recycled rubber (SBR). There are two different price categories: EPDM 1 and EPDM 2. EPDM 2 colors are brighter and more expensive than the EPDM 1 colors.

Color options EPDM 1 standard

Beige RAL 1014
Blue RAL 5015
Eggshell RAL 1015
Yellow RAL 1002
Grey RAL 7038
Green RAL 6021
Red RAL 3016

Color options EPDM 2 special

Beige-brown RAL 8024
Medium grey RAL 7037
Medium grey RAL 7037
Lilac RAL 4005
Yellow RAL 1012
Orange RAL 2008
Red RAL 3017
Pink RAL 4003
Brown RAL 8025
Dark grey RAL 7011
Bright blue RAL 5012
Dark blue RAL 5010
Bright green RAL 6017
Dark green RAL 6005

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