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Lappset Learning environments
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Learning environments

We think it’s essential to build inclusive outdoor areas for schools, preschools and kindergartens that encourage children to be active, healthy, play and have fun. At the same time, the outdoor area should be a functional part of their daily learning environments. Let's create exciting outdoor learning environments together!

  • You will find a lot of information on how to design a great learning environment from this page.
  • In case you need more help, you can leave a contact request by filling the contact form. You can also contact your local Lappset representative directly, link is at the bottom of this page.
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Webinar recording: Active kids do better – learning environments make a difference

How can outdoor environments support the joy of learning?

  •  In this webinar, learning environment specialist, Dr. Henna Haapala will guide you through the different aspects of learning environments: physical, psychological and social.
  • You will get an evidence-based glimpse to the best practices of learning environments for the joy of learning, wellbeing and school connectedness.
  • We will also give you tips on how to create outdoor learning environments that will engage and activate children.
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Brochure for inspiration
Learn how to design outdoor learning environments
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Our top 5 picks for learning environments

231005 Play Planetarium

Play Planetarium is a unique play and learning environment that can fit at a time even a whole school class! The dome shaped multi functional play equipment consists of eight sections with different climbing functions such as nets, ladders and climbing walls. Explore the night sky inside Play Planetarium, as the stellar patterns are repeated accurately within the dome. Sunlight shines through the star shaped holes in the dome, and thus creates glittering stellar patterns on the dome ceiling.

Read more about Play Planetarium!

See product details of Play Planetarium

137609 Communication spot

Communication spot is an important support in everyday life for a child who does not speak or has difficulty producing or understanding speech. The product is useful for interaction and coordination support for all children. With the help of the communication board, the pictures can be used, for example, to look together in which the order the events will occur during the day

See product details of Communication Spot

175583 Beach hut

This inspiring Beach Hut is built at one end of a sandbox so that those playing can move inside and out. The hut is great fun, come rain or shine, as kids can play out in the open or sheltered by the hut. The rear wall is closed with a boarded wall section and a fenced section, so the little ones are easy to supervise from outside the sandbox. The hut is accessed via the sandbox. 

See product details of Beach hut

175599 Fairy circus

The Fairy Circus is a beautiful and inclusive nature play product which offers a nice climbing challenge, as well as a hammock type lounging area on any schoolyard or park! Two of the nets have tighter mesh, which makes the product easier to play and rest also for disabled persons.

See product details of Fairy circus

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