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Lappset High Towers
Finno tower

Sky is not the limit with Lappset high towers

Most of children like climbing. It's fun, exciting and reaching the top gives an opportunity to see the world in a different angle and gives a feeling of achievement. Climbing improves physical strength and co-ordination as well as builds children's confidence. 

One of the best features of any playground is a high tower with many climbing options and numerous  play functions. In addition to their versatile play value, the high towers act as stunning landmarks. Just take a look at the natural but fun-looking Flora Magic Mountain which definitely is an eye-catcher and makes the imagination run wild. 

Building vertical playgrounds saves valuable land and high playground equipment are ideal for narrow and small spaces. 


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See the surroundings from a birds’ perspective!

Lappset's classic product range Finno is now reaching for the sky with its new Skyline Towers.

One of the best features of a playground is a tower where you can climb up to see the surroundings from a birds’ perspective. Finno Skyline City and Finno Skyline Town, eight and six six meters high, offer the view safely behind the metal mesh walls. The exciting rope net floor, see through wall panels, tube slide and many more features in these landmarks will make long lasting memories to everyone.


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Flora Towers are real Wowers!

These truly monumental watchtowers are gorgeous centerpieces and landmarks for any park.

 Fun climbing and hiding in the nooks of the high structure offers unforgettable experiences. Magic Mountain, Spell Hill and Fell of Ara will definitely bring the stories alive and trigger children's imagination. 


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Halo Cubic - Modern treehouse and a monument

Halo Cubic is a great functional landmark and centre of action in every playground.

Probably we all have dreamt about having a treehouse when we were children. It's like having your own fortress where you can play or just spend time or read a book in a rainy day.  Lappset's Halo Cubic got it's inspiration from treehouses. Inside the Cubic there are many exciting functions and wall designs to play with in many ways. Thanks to its modular structure, Cubic can be varied almost indefinitely. 


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Space-saving Wall-Holla

Wall-Holla is an exciting play centre with several floors.

The colourful network structure of Wall-holla make imagination run wild and inspires children of all ages to discover different ways of exploring its undulating maze. The structure is a steel network, inside which colourful strips twist and turn. 


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