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Modern and architectural Halo

Halo is our collection of architectural playground equipment. Cubes, cuboids and curved forms can be used to design playgrounds of different shapes and functions.
The Halo range was awarded the German Design Award in 2016 for its functional Scandinavian design.


A great functional landmark and centre of action

Browse or download Cubic Brochure for inspiration


”This is something you really need to try yourself", said each and every one of our testers of the Halo Diamond. What is it all about?

  • When the cube is not sitting flat on the ground but tilted, standing on one of its corner tips, your ability to balance and navigate is being tested in the most surprising way ever. 
  •  Inside the cube we placed some familiar elements, such as a balancing ball and a rope net, as well as an entry to the plastic tube slide.
  • The old saying "seeing is believing" does not apply here. You just have to climb in to experience it yourself! 
  • See products 239010M Halo Diamond 1 and 239020M Halo Diamond 2
Lappset Play Planetarium learning environment


Play Planetarium is a unique play equipment and learning environment.

  • Playful learning outdoors.
  • Capacity to fit a whole class room: 49 users!
  • See the night sky, day or night as holes in the panels allow the stars to "shine".
  • Accessible and inclusive play.
  • Activities inside and outside the dome.
  • 3+ above the dome, all ages under the dome.
  • All weather play!
  • See 231005 Play Planetarium!
Browse or download Play Planetarium leaflet for inspiration
  • Modern play products
  • A lot of play functions per square meter
  • Room for many children
  • Unique DropZone elevator 
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A lot of play value inside the cubes

Savings in surfacing

  • Safety surfacing needed only for slide exists.

Secret hideout in the 2. floor

  • Bird's nest seat for relaxing.
  • Fun ball.
  • Entrance to the exciting slide.

Secret passage

  • Tube tunnel.
  •  Polycarbonate (transparent parts), other parts of polypropylene, Ø 800 mm.

Climb up, slide down

  • Various climbing elements for motor development.

A lot of play value

  • Two ways to enter the equipment.


  • Roofs let daylight in.

Safety first!

  • Anti-climbing system on external surfaces of tube slides.

Durable materials

  • High-pressure laminate walls with 20 years of warranty, choose from 8 colours.
  • Transparent polycarbonate plastic walls.

Corner details

  • Steel corners either blue or grey powder coat.
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Halo products
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Be inspired by Halo playgrounds around the world
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