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Durable nature play Flora

The nature inspired design of Flora playground equipment allows you to play in an exciting forest even in a city. The installation, maintenance and changing the spare parts of the Flora series could not be easier.

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Blends with nature

  • Create endless routes or just a little playground. 
  • Cost effective and safe.
  • Long lasting.
  • Standard spare parts are quickly available and easy to install.
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New in Flora!

Look inside Castle Maximus!

175524 P4_1600_900.jpg

175524 P14_1600_900.png

175524 P9_1_1600_900.jpg

175524 P3_1600_900.jpg

175524 P12_1600_900.jpg


Northern magic for the youngest explorers

  • Modifiable, affordable and long lasting entertainment for 1-7 year-old children.
  • Perfect for kindergartens, public parks, housing companies, neighborhood parks, camp sites, hotels and anywhere you wish to add a bit of magic for the little ones.
  • Place one or two Troll Village products to the playground, or create an inspiring village using multiple play houses and other play products.


Surely for all ages

  • Create cool & beautiful hanging out spots.
  • Adventure trail products are OK to approach and use for a wide age group, as they don't look like traditional play equipment.
  • Active meeting and seating places improve multiple motor skills and provide exercise in disguise.
  • Also suitable for Physical Education lessons to be properly active.


Flora towers are truly monumental watchtowers in three sizes

  • Gorgeous centerpiece and landmark for any park
  • Fun climbing and hiding in the nooks of the high structure 
  • Durable and certified nature play
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Sustainable is the way to go

  • Timber used is PEFC™ -certified northern pine, an ecological and user friendly material.
  • The glue laminated timber parts are protected and surface treated.
  •  Long lifespan when the equipment is maintained in an appropriate manner.

It all begins from the foundations

  • All foundations are made of metal and they are included in the price.
  • Metal foundation feet shelter the wood from direct contact with the ground to extend the product’s life span.

Safety first!

  • Flora works well with wood chip, sand or other cost effective, natural surfacing material.
  • Or use your imagination and create colourful patterns using turf or tiles.

Installation work and repairs do not require any special carpenter skills

Nature play done right!

  • Installation work and repairs do not require any special carpenter skills.
  • No long maintenance breaks needed.
  • Spare parts are quickly available.

Slide ahoy!

  • Structure of the slides is curved glued laminated timber and the sliding surface is strong stainless steel. 
  • The laminated surface on top of the curved glued timber increases the resistance to weather and protects the little hands from getting splinters.

Climb up!

  • The grey climbing grips are made of pressed sandstone rock mass and were specifically designed for wall bouldering.
  • They never become slippery and offer an authentic rock feel.

Durable ropes

  • All the ropes and nets we use are steel reinforced.
  • The cruciform joints are of stainless steel.
  • The rope fasteners are made of strong plastic,
  • Specially designed link fasteners are used in joints exposed to major angle changes.
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Be inspired by Flora playgrounds around the world
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Flora Nature Play products
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