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Finno - classic playground equipment with touches of modern design

Finno is one of Lappset's first product brands. During the five decades of existence Finno has proved to hold its popularity and it has been revamped together with designers and users. Now Finno invites children to play with fresh colours, streamlined Scandinavian design and with versatile product range.

There are five bright colour schemes: Lime Green, Apple Red, Tuttifrutti, Liquorice Grey and Candy Fuchsia. In addition to its colours, the design of the Finno playground equipment is implemented along the same lines as that of the Fitness and Senior Sport equipment ranges. The Finno playgrounds can be seamlessly combined with other product ranges, such as sports area equipment. One of our basic philosophies is to provide children and their parents with chance to move and exercise together.


The modern classic of playgrounds

  • Versatile product range - from toddlers to teens
  • Fresh colour options and many configuration possibilities
  • Finno is easy to modify, combine and customize due to its modularity 
  • The products are durable and easy to install and maintain
  • Finno products go well together with our sport and park equipment
All Finno products

New! Finno Skyline towers

Lappset's classic product range Finno is now reaching for the sky with its new Skyline Towers.

One of the best features of a playground is a tower where you can climb up to see the surroundings from a birds’ perspective. Finno Skyline City and Finno Skyline Town, eight and six six meters high, offer the view safely behind the metal mesh walls. The exciting rope net floor, see through wall panels, tube slide and many more features in these landmarks will make long lasting memories to everyone.


Skyline products


Finno ABC has been designed to support children's natural enthusiasm to move and play.

In addition to being user-friendly, the ABC product range ensembles designed for under 4-year-olds and their parents constitutes visually attractive splashes of joy in a park or in a yard. Finno ABC playground equipment has been designed to support motor development. This has been taken into account in the colours, shapes, materials and dimensions of the frames. With Finno ABC play equipment children can play with ease, and play is the most natural way for children to learn new things.


Read more about Finno ABC
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Colourful playgrounds with Finno

Choose from five different standard colour schemes or customize your own colour theme.

Most of the Finno products are available with five ready-made colour schemes, which ease and speed up select and design. The colour schemes are:

  • Lime Green
  • Apple Red
  • Liquorice Grey
  • Tuttifrutti
  • Candy Fuchsia
Download more information on colour themes
5 colour themes

Inviting everyone to play!

Finno inclusive design playgrounds have been implemented so that the play equipment is suited to as many children as possible, regardless of potential functional or physical impairments.

Inclusive Design playgrounds are designed to make them such that it is easy for everyone to move and play in them, which encourages all children to play together.  The design takes into account that the sets feature physical challenges, functions stimulating different senses, and opportunities for everyone to develop social skills and learn something new.

We want to offer everybody an equal opprtunity to play and exercise!


Read more about inclusive playgrounds

Finno Theme Play

Theme and role plays are important for children's development.

Theme play provides children with a brain exercise that is important for the development of their identity. Playing different themes children can practice and express emotions through the roles they play. Role and theme plays also practice communication and social skills as they usually involve many participants. Above all theme plays are fun! Who wouldn't want the imagination run wild sometimes and play being a captain of a ship sailing on the vast ocean or a princess or a prince in a castle fighting against dragons and witches. 



See some of our solutions

Unique solutions

Lappset MyDesign! team helps you when you want a unique playground or outdoor sports area.

If you want something unique or you want to highlight your company or organisation identity, contact our MyDesign team.  MyDesign covers everything from changing a single component in a standard product to designing an entire playground, sport area or a park facility.

Time to be creative
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Make your own mix!

Roof options

Ridge roof, frame roof or no roof at all?You can choose what kind of roof you want to have. 

Colour of ropes

Colour of ropes

  • black
  • grey
  • beige
  • red
  • blue


You can choose a wooden slide, an HPL slide or a plastic slide. 

Colour of climbing wall

There are several colours to choose from. Click to see the colour options.  

Colour of effect beams

You can choose the colour of effect beams from several colour options. More information on colours behind this link. 

Colour of walls and HPL elements

Choose the colour of walls and HPL elements from several colour choices. More information on colours behind this link. 

Colour of handrails

 Click to colour options

Colour of posts and beams

Choose brown, dark brown or grey. 


  • Deep mounting
  • Surface mounting
  • Concrete base
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Finno products
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Finno Skyline Tower video
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Inspirational Finno playgrounds
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