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Fast solutions for playgrounds
Play without delay!
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Play without delay

Oops! Forgot to order your park or playground equipment and find yourself scrambling to find a solution? 
No sweat. Lappset has your urgent, commercial park and playground needs covered! We’ve all been there at some point or another. A crucial step slipped our minds and now we’re in a rush to get it corrected, as soon as possible.

No need to worry, as we’ve got you covered with our fast manufacturing. 

Simply choose from our wide selection of in-stock and on-hand products to help you finish your project; allowing you to stick to your deadline, keep your budget in check and ensure that park users are left smiling and satisfied!

girl in lappset playground

Creating inclusive and sustainable
joy in motion.

For over 50 years, Lappset has been making the outdoors a more fun and rejuvenating place for users of all ages, the world around. By creating joy in motion, we’ve introduced and encouraged millions of people to get up and go outside, while embracing everyone along the way.

From toddlers to seniors, and everyone in between, we believe that creating stimulating and inclusive environments in which to play and exercise are what maintains the heartbeat of humanity; keeping us moving physically, mentally and emotionally.

By offering a broad selection of sustainably-produced and ready-to-ship products, we’re committed to ensuring that everyone has the right play and experience the wonderment of the great outdoors.


a boy sliding down a pole in a playground

Keeping your project on track

– even in a pinch.

Ready to make your moves quickly and purchase the necessary equipment and components that you need for your project? Our Fast Solutions products have you covered.

With a wide range of excellent and timeless commercial park and playground products available, Lappset is equipped and motivated to help you see your project to the finish line. These express products are on-hand and can be ready and on their way to you.

Check out our full selection of Express List products below with 1 week manufacturing time and download the leaflet of products with fast, 3-4 weeks of manufacturing times, now!


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Choose your products with 1, 3 or 4 weeks manufacturing time!

Example products with 1 week manufacturing time - the Express List

"Express List" - a selection of high-quality Lappset products, all produced sustainably and built to last.

Example products with 3 weeks manufacturing time - Flora Nature Play & Clover

Inspired by nature, the Flora and Clover playgrounds blend harmoniously with their surroundings
and offer options for playing and exercising for the whole family!

Example products with 3 weeks manufacturing time - colourful Finno & Finno ABC & Solitaires

The Finno playgrounds can be seamlessly combined with other Lappset product ranges, such as sports area equipment. One of our basic philosophies is to provide people of all ages and abilities the chance to move and exercise together.

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