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Lappset TAG respects the traditional rules of tag but sets the players in an intriguing and challenging surroundings of parkour equimpent.
At its simplest, the TAG is about one player trying to catch others. When a catcher catches someone, the caught person becomes a new catcher.
Lappset TAG brings the traditional game into an exciting and inspiring arena of obstacles!


The idea of Lappset TAG

  • Lappset TAG respects the traditional rules of tag but sets the players in an intriguing and challencing surroundings of parkour equimpent.
  • Versatile set of obstacles pushes the players to find new skills and abilities like no other.
  • Equipment are closer to each other than in a parkour spot. This creates more places to hide, keeps the moving more technical instead of pure running.

Powered by Dash equipment

  • The set-ups pushes players to challenge their physical limits in speed, agility, balance.
  • Playing tag develops players ability to react to fellow-players movements and actions. 
  • A crusial skill in numerous of other sports.

Technical details

  • Anti-slip surface provides unbeatable friction.
  • Scalability: Suitable for many skill levels, in-built progression.
  • Walls, tubes and surfaces in different angles.
  • Details multiply possibilities.


  • Visual nature springs from the streets, clashing with modern, geometric visual world.
  • The shapes and materials are brought from the streets, creating a monumental and sinking feel to the product.
  • Illogical directions and tilted shapes create a playful visual continuum and provide a new layer of activities, as they work as pathways for the users to follow and aim at.
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Lappset TAG can be played at least with two ways:


Use the inner grey area as wished, but do not step on the orange outer circle.

Floor is lava

Play tag only using the obstacles and ground markings.
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