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Lappset Pumptrack

Lappset Pumptrack is a track mainly meant for bikes. Skillful hobbyists can use track also with skateboards, roller-skates or wheelchair, for example.

The aim is to maintain speed around the track without pedalling. The bumps on the track can be used to gain or reduce speed in order to hit the corners at just the right velocity. The design of the Lappset Pumptrack also caters to smaller riders, as the lower parts of the track can be ridden at a lower speed.

Lappset’s Pumptracks are built using modules made from hard-wearing wood. The surface of the track is designed so that the track can be used in almost any weather. We offer three ready-made track designs. Read more, how Lappset pumptrack gets kids moving in Jyväskylä, Finland here.

Download pumptrack brochure here

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