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No limits! Inclusive design for sport areas

Lappset Sport areas can be designed also for Inclusive use

Most of Lappset`s Sport equipment are designed in a way they can be placed as an inclusive sport area. The equipment can be used from wheelchair, if the platform is chosen carefully to support moving around with different kinds of wheels. 

In the equipment itself, the user has enough space to move and exercise. For example, there are bars and rings on different heights, which enable the user to take a good grip from sitting in a wheelchair or standing on the ground. It`s also important to leave enough space between the different products, so it`s possible for potential assistant to help when exercising.  

The bright colour options of Lappset Sport create contrast and help to guide the movement. This also increases the safety. 

No limits! Design for all

Lappset has tested its Sport range together with Finnish Paralympic athletes Henry Manni and Aleksi Kirjonen. Both Henry and Aleksi are physical education instructors. While training for the Paralympic Games they have started a Facebook community ”Rajoitteet ovat vain omassa päässä” ("The limits are in your own head") with over 40 000 followers. 

"We want to encourage people with disabilities to enjoy sports and start exercising! We`ve published quite many videos, but we established our company when we made a film about our training to the Rio Paralympic Games. Aleksi had some problems on the way, but Henry came home with a bronze medal from 100 meters in class T34", the sportsmen describe their career. 

Please find some examples here on how to start training in Lappset Sport area. The exercise can be done at different levels according to the user`s experience and physical fitness.


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