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Outdoor gyms are available for all

With correct choice of materials and good planning, a well-equipped gym can be taken outdoors.

I only wish the air at the gym was fresh! This is a wish shared by many fitness enthusiasts – and one that can easily be fulfilled!

In Lappset Gym parks, indoor gym equipment has been moved outdoors, with the users themselves functioning as the engine and weights. The idea of Lappset outdoor gyms is to make gym equipment available for everyone and thus easy to use. The design of each piece of equipment is so clear that it automatically steers people to do the exercise correctly. This makes training safe.

Higher spirits for you or your team

In addition, an outdoor gym offers excellent complementary exercise along a running path or next to a ball game field that blends in with its surroundings. You can easily stop by one to do a few exercises. We know that physical training outdoors with a group makes one feel better, but it also raises the team spirit. Therefore, Lappset Gym outdoor parks offer an excellent platform for enhancing well-being at work, for example. Lappset Gym equipment is made from metal and there are three choices of colour: lime, grey and white.

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