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Functional Fitness Frame

Functional Fitness Frame is a compact and multi functional sport equipment for functional training, suitable for many user groups and locations.

What is functional training?

Functional training utilizes different kind of weights as well as effective body weight movements such as squats, pull-ups and burpees not to forger different variations of static holds.

  • Training sessions may contain variety of movements done with alternating rep schemes. Workout may last anywhere from two minutes to an hour. Workouts can be scaled to suite any fitness level.
  • Multi-joint movements – common to functional training - affect large muscles groups, develop motor skills, balance, coordination as well as build up general health capacity.
  • Functional training has many names and forms: crossfit, bootcamp, crosstraining… All and all the trend is growing worldwide.


Functional Fitness Frame

A functional training center that enables holistic and versatile training for all levels of exercise.

  • Endurance, coordination and strength can be trained with comprehensive equipment.
  • In addition to Lappset's Fitness and Street Workout equipment, Functional Fitness Frame consists of completely new types of components, such as climbing rope.
  • Durable and sturdy metal construction.
  • Colours: Black RAL 9005 and lime green RAL 250-3

Space and money saving design

A lot of functions in a compact package.

  • Up to 20 trainers can do different movements simultaneously with the same equipment.
  • Does not require a large area around it, which affects installation and surface costs.

Customised solutions

Our MyDesign service helps you to introduce modifications to the standard products.

  • Possibility to choose the fitness functions and components for a spesific need.
  • If a standard product doesn't fit in your layout plan, we can modify the product to fit the space available.
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Functional Fitness Frame

Vertical pole

Wall bars

Dip handles

Chin-up bar

Multi-functional chin-up bars

Monkey bars

Gymnastics wall

Gymnastic rings

Medicine ball throw

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30 movement example videos at Lappset YouTube channel
functional fitness equipment for outdoors
Rope Climbing
Target Burpee
Coach Stretch
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