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Dash Parkour

Dash Parkour is a product group of equipment meant for parkour training in public areas. It was born and molded by parkour as a culture. A careful research revealed that the practitioners of parkour have great respect for the values of the sport and other practitioners. This became the central point of the Dash Parkour: parkour is valued in the products. They are developed by parkour people for the parkour people.

All Dash Parkour equipment and layouts are designed together with parkour professionals from Parkour Academy of Finland. Every element and component are designed for one purpose: to excel as multi-functional parkour equipment. All the functions and moves of parkour can be easily found because Dash Parkour is also intuitive: it guides user to move parkour-like and both professionals and beginners find exciting things to do over and over again.


Why Dash Parkour?

  • All the Dash Parkour spots offer a lot to do in even the smallest area, because the equipment itself is versatile and they are always on the right distance to each other.
  • The look of the Dash Parkour is appealing and street credible also among parkour traceurs: Dash Parkour inspires to move. 
  • The equipment provides something for all levels of practitioners and situations: there are many different angles, different types of surfaces to jump, land and balance.
  • The materials of the equipment are the best available for the users.
  • Dash parkour is designed by parkour people for parkour people even in the smallest details. The parkour professionals behind the product line are able to reflect all the needs of different levels from children to grown ups and beginners to professionals in the product line.


Visual design reflects graphical outlines, cropped colours and murals on different surfaces. Read from the designer`s blog why these themes have been chosen for Dash Parkour.

Design is an empathic way of thinking and working


  • All the functions/moves of parkour can be found easily in the areas
  • Intuitive: guides users of all skill levels to move parkour-like and both professionals, beginners and people totally new to the sport find exciting things to do.
  • Lot of details such as handles, surfaces and bars in different angles which multiplies the number of functions makes the skill level scalable.
  • Anti-slip wall provides friction where needed.
  • Walls in different angles, a lot of different surfaces
What is parkour?

The idea of parkour

is to achieve smooth, uninterrupted movement through an area, typically in an urban environment, negotiating obstacles by running, jumping, and climbing.

Training parkour is beneficial in many ways

  • physically: overall body strength and cardio-vascular endurance increases, core and one strength builds up, skill related fitness develops
  • socially: reduces antisocial behavio, promotes solidarity and cooperation over competition, boosts sports related identityand increases togetherness and sense of belonging
  • mentally: sense of competence motivate even those who are usually drawn back in PE lesson. Parkour develops sense of self-efficacy, self-esteem and self-confidence.  It also promotes learning and fosters creativity.

Parkour is a street sport.

Why build parkour parks?

  • Functionality: Dash Parkour areas provide better functional density and countless of movement combinations. The scalability enables training of beginners and more advanced practitioners in the same place.
  • Social benefits: Socially acceptable place to train. Meeting place for practitioners - Interaction between generations.
  • Safety: Designed and tested according to EU standards. Parks stay in good shape thanks to tested products and maintenance. No unexpected activity such as traffic.
  • Design: The inspirational design of Dash Parkour initiates people to move, bot parkour practitioners and people new to the sport.

Read more from Parkour Academy`s expert Jaakko Junttila`s blog here:


What makes an awesome parkour park?

Is parkour safe?

Parkour and free running are very popular sports and they are growing all the time. But is it safe? See from our video!

  • The image of parkour / freerunning is related to big jumps and tricks. This image has spread through the social media. Reality is however different: risks are not taken and dangerous looking things have been learnt safely step by step and through repetition.
  • Risk evaluation is also an important and beneficial part of parkour training.
  • Studies show it`s more safe than football.
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The placing of the equipment in a parkour-area is very precise work, where the designer needs to know the capabilities of various user groups. In Dash Parkour all the pre-designed layouts are designed by parkour-professionals.

In Dash Parkour there are two types of pre-designed layouts: spots and modules. 


Spots consist of a ready-to-go parkour area where you do not need to add anything. 


Modules are affordable micro-layouts with only equipment in them based on different practices. With Dash Parkour modules anybody can design unique and well designed parkour-areas according to standard. This is done by placing two or more modules together with a simple set of rules.

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