Ball games and arenas

Ball games and arenas are in the core of communal physical activity

Ball games offer opportunities for social physical activity at its best. Our range of ball game arenas offers play fields for both street-credible panna and traditional playful yard tournaments in almost any ball game.

Panna is like a compact version of football (soccer), played in a small cage. One of the niceties of panna is that the compact field is easy to acquire and place anywhere, such as a housing company yard or a park. Lappset pannas are made of metal, so they can tolerate rough use and changing weather conditions.

Ball games are at the core of communal physical activity. Lappset multi-purpose sports arenas lend themselves to almost any ball game. The standard version functions as a football field, but it can easily be adapted for floorball, basketball or volleyball, for example. Goals and stands for various games are naturally included in Lappset’s product selection. The ArcSport multi-purpose sports arenas have been designed to blend into almost any environment. Their wooden structures are suited to any place and they are highly tolerant of weather changes and hard use. In design, we have made no compromises in user-friendliness. The entrances to the field are at the goal ends, so they do not cause any harm on the sides.



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Arenas and ball games