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Natural option for wooden Play and Sport products now available

As often requested, we are happy to share the news about the non-painted option to be available for all Lappset wooden play and sports products.

lappset nonpainted playground ship

Natural option covers all wooden ranges

All Lappset wooden Play and Sports product ranges are available non-painted.

This means from Playground equipment

  • Finno
  • Flora
  • Halo
  •  Clover range of playground equipment is always non-painted. Read more from the products here.

Sport equipment available non-painted:

  • Fitness
  • Street Workout
  • Senior Sport
  •  Classic range of outdoor sports equipment is always non-painted. See all the products here.
a girl walking on playground equipment

Embracing the look of wood

Nordic pine is a core part of our DNA

Non-painted wooden play and sports equipment come always with wood preservation but they are unpainted. This treatment embraces the natural look of wood and the products will initially fade to light grey over time. For these reasons the wooden equipment will blend to different surroundings and environments spontaneously during the whole life span of the outdoor area.

Green values and safety aspects

Wood impregnation is a safe choice for both users and the environment

As the wood is non-painted it is still carefully treated with our impregnation procedure to guarantee a long lifecycle for the product for generations to enjoy. The non-painted wooden products have a smaller carbon footprint and it is one of our core targets to minimize the weight of our products on the environment. Our non-painted products are as safe to use as our painted products and they follow the same safety standards as our other products.


Read more about wood preservation here
non painted lappset playground

Carefree maintenance & guarantee

Our non-painted solution offers carefree maintenance from maintenance painting as there is no chipping or wearing of painted surfaces. Non-painted products enjoy the same guarantee as our painted products.

Examples of non-painted product renders to compare
Lappset Finno
137100M Finno Lime Green
Lappset Finno unpainted
137100M Finno Non-painted
Lappset Flora
Flora 175510
Lappset Flora Unpainted
Flora 175510 Non-painted
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