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Inclusive Design
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inclusive play

Inclusive playground equipment

Playing together has never been this easy and fun!

  • There are play functions for different levels of users: easy and challenging.
  • Children with disability can play alongside with the non-disabled children
  • Inclusive design promotes equality, instead of underlining disability.
  • We have taken into account not just wheelchair users, but also other children with disabilities
Inclusive playground equipment
accessible playground equipment

Design for happiness

When talking about accessibility and inclusive design, we can talk about the design of happiness. What matters most is the right attitude – a human one.

  • Our future happiness and accessibility lies in the hands of today’s designers, developers and building contractors, who are in a key position shaping people’s happiness and creating equality in everyday life – as well as on playgrounds.
  • Terhi Tamminen is the first graduate of the International Design Business Management program, a Master of Business Economics, who has worked in several design-promotion sales, marketing and communications positions. Terhi is a trained Accessibility Inspector and Vice Chairman of Design for All Europe’s EIDD Board.
Read more from her blog: Inclusive Design makes a good starting point for planning
inclusive play equipment

Interactive products

Interactive products, developed by Yalp Lappset, are inclusive products at they best.

  • Playing outside should be available for everyone, children with or without a disability, players young and old, different nationalities, languages, preferences, or user’s needs.
  • The interactive products are giving choice, flexibility, and scalability through software and this really makes sure the content can match the users and create inclusion instead of segregation.
  • All children are able to play and enjoy the same playground.


Read more about interactive products from Yalp website
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Inclusive sport parks

Inclusive and accessible sport parks

Lappset Sport areas can be designed also for inclusive use

  • Most of Lappset`s Sport equipment are designed in a way they can be placed as an inclusive sport area. The equipment can be used from wheelchair, if the platform is chosen carefully to support moving around with different kinds of wheels. 
  • In the equipment itself, the user has enough space to move and exercise. For example, there are bars and rings on different heights, which enable the user to take a good grip from sitting in a wheelchair or standing on the ground. It`s also important to leave enough space between the different products, so it`s possible for potential assistant to help when exercising.  
  • The bright colour options of Lappset Sport create contrast and help to guide the movement. This also increases the safety. 
Inclusive sport equipment

The sport range has been tested by Finnish Paralympic athletes Henry Manni and Aleksi Kirjonen

"We want to encourage people with disabilities to enjoy sports and start exercising!"

  • Both Henry and Aleksi are physical education instructors. While training for the Paralympic Games they have started a Facebook community ”Rajoitteet ovat vain omassa päässä” ("The limits are in your own head") with over 40 000 followers. 
  • "We`ve published quite many videos, but we established our company when we made a film about our training to the Rio Paralympic Games.
  • Please find some examples from the YouTube playlist on how to start training in Lappset Sport areas. The exercise can be done at different levels according to the user`s experience and physical fitness.
YouTube playlist
Anchor ID: senior sport, Name: Senior Sport
active aging outdoor equipment

Senior Sport for active ageing

Senior Sport equipment strengthens the motor skills and manual dexterity of the elderly. They offer sensible forms of activity, which also enhances mental well-being.

  • Training muscle tone, balance and motor skills are good for the elderly, both mentally and physically.
  • Geriatric research has shown that the fear of falling increases the actual risk of doing so. Thus, increasing confidence through physical training can create a positive spiral.
  • Active ageing exercises also guarantee senior citizens a more independent control over their lives.
  • When you have no problems buttoning up your shirt or doing your everyday shopping, you know you have better control over your own life.
  • Senior Sport products are great also for therapy sessions for rehabilitation.
Senior Sport products

Exercise promotes longer lives and independence

“There is a serious lack of exercise facilities for older people. We have to start giving more attention to the needs of the elderly and give them opportunities to stay physically active”, says clinical biomechanist, Professor Pazit Levinger from Victoria University in Australia.

  • Levinger studies the role of exercise in promoting the physical and mental well-being of older people.
  • She considers it worrying how often the needs of older people are forgotten when new exercise facilities are being designed.
  • Playgrounds and facilities for young adults are common, but the options for older people are still far too limited.
Read more from her blog: Exercise promotes longer lives and independence
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outdoor bench for seniors

Inclusive furniture

When designing outdoor environments, simple things make a big difference for inclusivity.

  • Simple choices just as higher benches and picnic tables with extended table tops make public spaces inclusive for many user groups.
  • Oasis safety swing is a great addition to senior homes, thanks to its patented brake system which is pleasant and safe to use.
  • Back rests and hand rests in benches and chairs help to sit and get up.
  • Higher seats, such as in Scandinavia senior bench or Park Place senior bench make sitting even easier for seniors.
Inclusive park furniture
Reference stories of inclusive outdoor spaces
Inclusive public park in Australia designed in collaboration with the local community

Thomas Street Reserve is a new, fully inclusive public park in Hampton, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia.

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lappset senior sport 2.jpg
Therapy garden for the elderly in the Netherlands

Therapy garden for visually impaired and blind elderly invites to move and be social.

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Playground and sports park in Finland

The Municipality of Sievi decided to invest in the well-being of its residents of different ages by investing in a well-equipped local sports and play park.

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