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The quality and environmental management systems and PEFC wood chain of custody management process of Lappset Group Oy were audited by Kiwa in early October 2019. The findings of the external audit report concerning the Rovaniemi plant and its operating environment were outstanding, with no discrepancies observed in relation to system requirements. Matters related to responsibility and the further development of such received particular praise in the audit report.
Lappset Group Oy increases its stake in interactive playground and sport equipment and local distribution of playground and sport products by acquiring the remaining 49 % of the shares of Yalp Lappset Holding B.V. Lappset Group has been the majority owner in Yalp already since 2012 and will now continue developing the business further. The transaction is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2019.
Lappset Group launches to the international markets the Moomin Play by Lappset product collection, with the first production being the Moominhouse and yard entirety.
The quality and environment systems of Lappset Estonia Oü’s Tallinn plant were reassessed this spring with outstanding results. The outcome of the audit conducted in the end of April confirms that with regard to both management systems, Lappset operates in accordance with the new and more extensive requirements. The report states that high-standard delivery reliability and delivery quality have significantly boosted customer satisfaction.
Heureka Overseas Productions Oy Ltd (HOP), a subsidiary of the Finnish Science Centre Heureka, is partnering with Fantasia Works Oy, a subsidiary of Lappset Group, to increase the export of exhibits produced by Heureka.
Bulls, the company holding the copyright for the Moomins, Moomin Characters and Lappset Group Oy have entered into a cooperation agreement concerning Moomin-themed activity parks and playground collection. This means that Lappset’s business unit responsible for themed activity parks, Lappset Creative, will start to design and deliver Moomin-themed activity parks to chosen markets. In addition, the agreement facilitates producing a Moomin-themed playground equipment collection for the global markets.
Lappset Group Oy has started using six new electric forklift trucks at its Rovaniemi plant. The goal is to gradually shift away from using diesel-powered forklift trucks. The change is part of Lappset’s principles of responsibility and supports sustainable development.
The turnover for Lappset Group in the 2018 financial year grew dramatically to 63.5 million euros (50.8 MEUR in 2017), representing a growth of 25 % compared to the previous year. Each of the Group’s three business divisions exceeded sales targets. The Group’s profit for the 2018 financial year was 2.9 million euros, representing 4.5 % of turnover (3.1 MEUR in 2017). The reduction in profits was largely due to increases in staff expenses and challenges with feasibility of contracts. The Group’s equity ratio was 56.1 %.