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The turnover for the Lappset Group increased by 15% compared to the previous year, with all three business sectors experiencing a growth in turnover. The Group’s consolidated turnover for the 2019 financial year was 73 million euros, with the turnover for 2018 being 63.5 million euros. Thanks to a growth in sales and enhancement of operations, the turnover for the Group took a positive trend. Net profit was 3.9 million euros, compared to 2.9 million euros in 2018. The net profit rate for 2019 was 5.3%. Last year’s turnover was the highest in the 50-year history of the Group and the second-best net profit.
We understand that the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic situation causes a lot of worries and uncertainty among us all. At Lappset, we have prepared ourselves with all possible precautions in order to prevent the virus from spreading among our staff, clients and customers, suppliers and all other stakeholders as well as families. Health, safety and wellbeing of everyone is a matter of heart to us, which is why we would like to share information on the actions taken by us with you.
Johanna Ikäheimo, Chairperson of the Board of Directors for Lappset Group Oy and Honorary Consul for Sweden, has been awarded the prestigious Royal Order of the Polar Star with the grade of Commander for her long-standing achievements in advancing relations and cooperation between Finland and Sweden.
In his master’s thesis, Jussi Virta examined how the renewal of playgrounds can better support children’s development. The scholarship was awarded on 12 February 2020 at the Landscape and Technology Expo Viherpäivät 2020 held in Jyväskylä.
Last year, the City of Imatra and Lappset Group Oy came together to organise this competition for ideas for spatial planning, with the Ukonniemi tree nursery being the target location. The grand jury for the award chose the winning proposal as the “Maiha” idea devised by a team of two students from the Häme University of Applied Sciences.
Lappset Group supports the activities of the Lapland University of Applied Sciences by granting student scholarships and achievement awards. The intention is to encourage students to seek employment in the commercial sector and international business. The scholarships are part of the 50th anniversary of the Lappset Group and the company's policy of social responsibility and university cooperation.
The quality and environmental management systems and PEFC wood chain of custody management process of Lappset Group Oy were audited by Kiwa in early October 2019. The findings of the external audit report concerning the Rovaniemi plant and its operating environment were outstanding, with no discrepancies observed in relation to system requirements. Matters related to responsibility and the further development of such received particular praise in the audit report.
Lappset Group Oy increases its stake in interactive playground and sport equipment and local distribution of playground and sport products by acquiring the remaining 49 % of the shares of Yalp Lappset Holding B.V. Lappset Group has been the majority owner in Yalp already since 2012 and will now continue developing the business further. The transaction is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2019.
Lappset Group launches to the international markets the Moomin Play by Lappset product collection, with the first production being the Moominhouse and yard entirety.