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    Welcome to Safety training in Riga, Latvia in 30 April - 3 May 2019

    Project manager’s training

    Lappset and Safe to Play organize a four day safety training in Riga for our partners and customers.

    Training is a Project manager’s training by Safe to Play, held by Mr. Esa Junttila. The training is suitable for everyone working with the field of playgrounds and recreational sport areas. It provides competency for purchasing and selling playground and recreational sports equipment and managing building of a playground and/or recreational sports areas. 

    Why take part and be certified?

    • Training focuses on the practical issues that customers are asking from people working in the field of playgrounds and recreational sport areas.
    • The ability of a customer service person to provide a quick direct response to safety issues can make a big impact and improve commitment.
    • Training includes area planning, which enables the trained people to choose and use the most appropriate equipment for different areas.
    • "Playground and recreational areas. Framework for the competence of playground inspectors (PD CEN/TR 17207:2018)" was released in 2018. Safe to Play training is in line with this standard and deals with the following six topics:
      1. Standards 2. Risk assessment 3. Technical production 4. Area planning 5. Child's development 6. Legal issues
    • Certification includes an annual update webinar that allows certified users to always have up-to-date information. The annual fee for certification is only approximately 100 euros.

    Project level certification is comprehensive qualification to take care of all safety related tasks apart from making the most challenging safety related tasks such as annual inspections.

    Certificates are a great way to show your expertise in the field of playgrounds, recreational sports and safety.


    Lappset price: 791 euros (regular price: 1082 euros)


    Lappset is the sponsor of the training, providing the venue with lunches and snacks included. Hotels, flights and other arrangements are not included in the price. 
    We recommend Rixwell Elefant Hotel as the training is also held their premises. 


    Inspector training - FULLY BOOKED!

    Safe to Play is organizing Inspector training at the same time.

    Inspect level certification is the highest qualification to make risk assessment based annual inspections and other expert level safety tasks.