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Yield expectations for sports facilities

Aarni Mertala, Sport Concept Manager from Lappset Group, suggests us to treat outdoor sports facilities more like companies. Find out why!

Setting the right goals


Imagine you were starting a gym business. You put your own money on the line. You rent a space; you buy equipment. Maybe you think about operating costs and security? How do you get customers? From what geographical area would these customers come to find you? What kind of gym-goers are they? How do they train? Do they come alone, with a training buddy, or in groups? What is the most that they are prepared to pay for their hobby? How do will you get customers to come back for your services time and again?

Success is based on how the investment generates a margin in relation to acquisition and operating costs. In the words of world-renowned investing guru, Warren Buffet, "The price is what you pay, the value is what you get." The price is what you pay to get someone to own a commodity. After payment, your purchase is divided and you’ll will be left with the "value portion", or perhaps more precisely with the benefit side. How useful your purchase is will largely determine its profitability, as well.
Too often, the valuation of an acquisition stays at the price comparison level, although life goes on with the return on the commodity. In order to enjoy the revenue shares, the buyer should disassemble his thoughts on productivity. So, what these commodities should eventually accomplish. In the case of a sports facility, its purpose is to produce as many exercise benefits as possible, to increase well-being. The number of performances matters - not the number of devices.

The price is what you pay, the value is what you get - Warren Buffet

Choosing the equipment wisely


There are also differences in scalability. The idea of "not as much as possible, but as little as necessary" guides movement towards more sustainable development. For example, how subtly you can increase your training response, is an important criterion. This is true for weight resistance training, as well as for balance progressions: balance when sitting statically, seated balance with motion variation, balance with a combination of movements, independent movements, walking on a beam, walking on a beam combined with an eye-hand coordination exercise.

In what different ways can you practice with the equipment provided? In addition to concentric muscle work, is isometric and eccentric muscle work successful? Maximum strength, strength training, endurance, explosive training? At what level are the scopes of motion taken into account? Does the investment in the equipment provide and positive result? 

At a time when the need for outdoor sports facilities is unprecedented, it is possible to influence the importance of this positive sector more than ever. It is in the interest of the entire industry that sports professionals use their skills ambitiously when building sports facilities.


Would it be that by treating outdoor sports facilities more like companies, that we would create a better environment and a more active world?

Aarni Mertala
Aarni Mertala
Aarni Mertala, Lappset Group`s Sport Concept Manager, has a Master’s degree in Sport Sociology.

Aloittaaksesi keskustelun, on markkinointievästeet oltava hyväksyttynä.
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