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Why construct a destination playground?

Think about it: many of us use notable playgrounds as recognizable landmarks by which to give directions to others or to inform people of our whereabouts.


Community landmarks

Often, if you’re in a new place, locals will give you directions using unique parks or playgrounds as waypoints.

These places, although perhaps not originally intended to serve this purpose, create somewhere that a community can meet and share in their enjoyment of the great outdoors, but also establish themselves as a notable point of interest in the community.

A landmark or a destination by which to guide yourself. 


Meeting places

By creating not only an interactive and energetic park and playground, but also an easily recognizable, communal meeting place, you provide your community with an additional element and feature of its identity.

Bringing out the specialities

A destination playground can invite and entice newcomers to explore hidden gems of your community, allowing visitors to gain a deeper perspective and immersion into what makes your community special and unique.

Differentiate from others

Is your community known for a specific local attraction? Do you have a history that you wish to bring to life? Perhaps you’re seeking to brand and differentiate yourself from other communities in your region?

 Whatever your reason may be, Lappset can provide the perfect, bespoke solution to check all the boxes on your wish list. 

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