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Parkour Circuit Training

In the simplest parkour is jumping, running, and climbing without using any special equipment but only the obstacles you can find in your current surroundings. There is no right or wrong way to overcome obstacles, but every practitioner can use their own creativity to create their own style and moves.

One of the best things in parkour is that anyone can do it, at their own level and own style. We have created ready-made circuit trainings to inspire you to move and enjoy the multiple training options you have in our parkour parks! 

Training videos consist of two parts:

1. Warm up

2. Exercises and sets

Choose one of the training levels (easy, medium or hard) and enjoy the training!

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Designing Dash Parkour

Design is an empathic way of thinking and working, and in our field, designer is the cross-field intermediary who needs to understand all the aspects of his/her subject to be really successful.

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What makes a good parkour spot

Parkour training has always taken place in various surroundings, mostly in structures that are characteristic to urban spaces but also in parks, even in the woods. The best places are easily accessible, firm and have interesting structures that promote creative movement..

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What is Parkour?

Lappset is committed to develop Parkour in France and it enables us to work closely with all the local players. One of the important partners is a parkour association called ADD Academy Finistère in the eastern part of France in Breton. There are five ADD academies in France: Paris, Nantes, Bordeaux, Toulouse and Finistère.

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