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Midline- workout

Before starting the exercise, warm up your body. You can run, walk, bike, or do anything you like to get a bit of a sweat on.  If you have a outdoor gym near, why not take it as an advantage and run or walk there - so you will be ready for the workout straight away!


  • Against running clock, accumulate 100 sit ups. Every starting minute perform 10 deadlifts.

Workout description:

  • 1) At 00:00 start workout with 10 deadlifts.
  • 2) After deadlifts perform as many sit ups as possible until 1:00.
  • 3) Start again with 10 deadlifts.
  • 4) after deadlifts perform as many sit ups as possible
  • 5) repeat this pattern until 100 sit ups are done

Scaling options:
Deadlifts – use weights that you are comfortable doing at least 20 unbroken set.

Deadlifts – if you do not have barbell, try back extension instead.

Sit ups – try doing this workout with fewer reps.

Sit ups – too easy? Do V-ups, or toes to bars

Please note, always listen to your body, modify movements in case necessary and complete each movement properly!

1. Sit ups

2. Deadlifts

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