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The living environment and the origin of sports

Aarni Mertala, Sport Concept Manager from Lappset Group, thinks that many sports have been invented inspired by our daily surroundings or by necessity imposed by them.

Our environment shapes us into what we are. This is an argument that is easy to believe and to understand when talking about creatures of nature. Mutation in the colour of a butterfly’s wings leads to the elimination of those whose colouring does not blend into the surroundings. A dense forest gives advantage to the most agile of birds of prey. As human beings, our position is hardly any different. The more fragile we are or the more demanding the environment, the less we can do anything about it.

The environment gives us opportunities and takes them away. It brings people together and pushes us apart. It is in an environment that encourages interaction where we learn about each other’s needs, customs and culture. When children see their parents move about they, too, will be grow into physically active individuals.  A school yard that encourages physical activeness free of culture-based boundaries helps new pupils mingle with the older ones. A beautiful, functional and safe environment invites us to go for a run, take exercise or enjoy a picnic. An ugly, scary location causes anxiety and stays empty.

The human being has a natural propensity to move and be creative. Many sports have been invented inspired by our daily surroundings or by necessity imposed by them.

Natural propensity to move and be creative

The human being has a natural propensity to move and be creative. Many sports have been invented inspired by our daily surroundings or by necessity imposed by them. Sports equipment have been morphed out of tools, and sports fields from dirt roads, battlefields and backyards. At the moment, the development of residential environments, especially in the urban setting, are shaped by much bigger forces than the need of the residents to take different forms of exercise or the planners’ wish to encourage them to do so. A good designer, as well as a furnishing manufacturer, adapts their plans to the ongoing change and aims to look into the future.

In the increasingly densely built urban environments, common areas must serve a much larger number of user groups than before. Developers with a sense social responsibility design accessible environments where even the weakest can be strong and feel empowered. Designing these types of environments sends a strong message about the kind of activities we want to see our children, adults and the elderly in our society to engage in. Does it prevent marginalisation? Does it enable the elderly to live at home for longer?

Unlike I argued at the beginning of this piece, we human beings can mould our environment into a thing of value and and a thing that adds value. Let’s make wise decisions when planning our environment within the parameters we are given, but let us also try and change the bigger picture. Let’s shape our environment to reflect what we are.


Aarni Mertala
Aarni Mertala
Aarni Mertala, Lappset Group`s Sport Concept Manager, has a Master’s degree in Sport Sociology.

Aloittaaksesi keskustelun, on markkinointievästeet oltava hyväksyttynä.
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