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Lappset Fitness Park - as experienced by Fitness Instructor & Wellness Blogger Oona Tolppanen

Outdoor fitness parks create variation to training for personal trainer Oona Tolppanen and her customers.

Now that summer is here there’s nothing to keep me indoors! Nothing, not even if it’s chucking it down with rain! These days it’s just as easy to train outdoors as indoors. And, to crown it all, you’ll be able to enjoy fresh air, light summer rain or bright sunshine. Even though strength training has been close to my heart for a long time, it’s not the only type of exercise that interests me. I’m simply unable to do just any one exercise, always in the same place and at the same time, especially if I have to do it indoors.


I crave versatility in my training and that’s why I exercise outdoors in addition to the gym. Lappset Fitness Parks now play a major part in my training. While it’s enjoyable to jog outdoors, I also need to do something else along the jogging route, like body-weight muscle training. However, training is much more efficient, if there are fitness parks with chinning bars, weights and other weight-training equipment.The fitness parks have given a boost and added versatility to my outdoor training, and it has been great to be able to make use of these facilities in my coaching. Most of my customers are desk-bound sedentary workers. Every one of them wants to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible, and that’s why I plan most of the programmes for my customers to take place outdoors.




Good old circuit training

For muscle training, you need more versatile equipment, something that the Lappset Fitness Parks provide. My most popular exercise is condition circuit training involving 6–10 exercises and 2–4 repetitions. For this I use the excellent Lappset facilities in Finland in Matinkylä, Espoo and Kartanonkoski, Vantaa.

As well as muscle training, the parks offer the opportunity to improve balance, endurance, physical response and coordination. What’s more, the equipment is safe. On my wellness blog site at, I offer training programmes specifically designed for these parks. Of course, my wish is that every municipality and city would have its own versatile fitness park that would inspire and motivate residents to engage in physical exercise and encourage entrepreneurs to offer instruction and coaching services. As it is, there are no Lappset Fitness Parks near my home but my trips to the parks in the neighbouring areas have really been worthwhile!

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that soon every citizen will have access to a local, free and versatile fitness site. I’m convinced that fitness parks will generate new enthusiasm for physical exercise and help those who have lost interest to take it up again. Find your nearest exercise park and go for it! 


Wishing a sporty summer to everyone!


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Oona Tolppanen
Oona Tolppanen
Fitness Instructor & Wellness Blogger
"Festina Lente"
Aloittaaksesi keskustelun, on markkinointievästeet oltava hyväksyttynä.
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