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Products made from environmentally friendly and certified wood

Supporting sustainable development remains a central part of our philosophy. It is evident in every sector of our activities, from material acquisitions to production and transportation. Discover all 9 reasons and download the article!

1. Wood from certified forests

Lappset uses Finnish pine in its products sourced from forests with strictly managed principles of sustainable development. PEFC is the world’s largest sustainable development system for forest management.

2. Certification confirms the origins of wood

We know precisely where our wood comes from.

3. Production organised to be eco-friendly

 Lappset adheres to an ISO 14001 environmental management system in its production operations. This means that we take into consideration all environmental perspectives in every work stage in the design and manufacture of all our products.


4. Minimised consumption, efficient recycling

 All materials used in the manufacture of Lappset products are carefully sorted and recycled.

5. No harmful substances released into nature

 Wood preservation, gluing and surface treatment processes are carefully managed industrial processes that are prevented from releasing harmful substances into the environment. The plastics we use do not contain any harmful substances and conform to international REACH  chemicals policy requirements.

6. Sustainably selected partners

We require for our most important subcontractors to comply with the recommendations of the ISO 26000 standard in environmental matters.


7. Reliable logistics operators

We use logistics partners that have environmental matters in good order and who are capable of reporting their activities.

8. Quality products endure

Lappset’s products are designed and manufactured to endure tough use from one generation to the next.

9. Service breathes new life into parks in Finland

 Lappset’s PlayCare New Life servicing and maintenance unit extends the life of Lappset’s playground, fitness and park equipment by a number of years, while saving the environment at the same time. The  service is an excellent and economic alternative to having to completely rebuild a park.

Flora playground in Raseborg, Finland

This beautiful, nature playground is situated in Raseborg, Finland.

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playground in ukraine
Resort in western Ukraine

Luxurious resort in the western Ukraine wanted to offer its customers outdoor play and fitness areas.

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Lappset flora climbing track
Artists Park playground Australia

Environmental values and sustainable development are important values not only for landscape architects and designers, but also for clients and families with children. Flora is Lappset’s answer to the demand for natural play.

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