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Dynamic & static workout for Sisu Fitness Frame

Sisu Fitness Frames are functional training equipment making it possible to complete many different exercises, while taking up much smaller footprint of space. In this blog, you'll find a fun pair workout for Sisu Fitness Frames.


30 minute dynamic & static pair workout

  • The idea is, that while one is doing dynamic movement, the other is waiting in a static position.
  •  After dynamic movement is done, switch places with your pair.
  • Together, start with set “1”, after performing sets "1, 2 and 3" start over and repeat as many times in 30 min as possible!

SET 1. Wall ball & static squat

Person A: 15 Wall ball throws
Person B: Static squat hold

Switch places!

Person B: 15 Wall ball throws
Person A: Static squat hold



SET 2. Rope climb & static dip

Person A: 3 Rope climbs
Person B: Static dip hold

Switch places!

Person B: 3 Rope climbs
Person A: Static dip hold



SET 3. Box over burpee & cheer your pair

Person A: 15 Box over burpees
Person B: Cheer your pair

Switch places!

Person B: 15 Box over burpees
Person A: Cheer your pair

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