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5 Exercise Easy Full Body Workout

If you were looking for a easy yet efficient workout for full body - you found it! Before starting the exercise, warm up your body. You can run, walk, bike, or do anything you like to get a bit of a sweat on.  If you have a outdoor gym near, why not take it as an advantage and run or walk there - so you will be ready for the workout straight away!


20 minute beginner HIIT workout

45 seconds work, 15 seconds rest, 3 rounds. 1,5 minute break between the rounds.

  1. Bulgarian split squat (left leg)
  2. Bulgarian split squat (right leg)
  3. Monkey bars
  4. Abdominal crunches
  5. Stepup
  6. Push-up dip

Check the movements below.

Please note, always listen to your body, modify movements in case necessary and complete each movement properly!

Tip! Download free HIIT-timer to your mobile for easy timing. There are many apps to choose from.

1. Bulgarian split squat

A very good exercise for the lower body. As a single-leg exercise, it will also correct possible muscle imbalances. Beginners can start by doing this without the box (air squats). Please note, you need to do this for both legs!

  • Targets: quads, hip flexors, and posterior chain (hamstrings, glutes, and back).
  • Want to do something more? Hold dumbbells on both hands.

2. Monkey bars

A full upper body workout in one spot!

  • Targets: Forearms, latisimus dorsi, shoulder muscles, biceps, abdominal muscles and obliques
  • Not challenging enough? Try skipping every other bar, or pull ups.

3. Abdominal crunches

Crunch is one of the best exercises for beginners to work on the abs.

Targets: Rectus abdominis 

Variations, for example: Twisting cruches, reverse crunches.

4. Stepup

Step ups are efficient training for the legs and hips. Training step ups will also improve your coordination. Alternate between legs after each rep.

Targets: Hips, glutes and hamstrings.

Need extra challenge? Try jumping on the box!

5. Push up dips

The perfect movement for triceps!

Targets: Triceps, chest and shoulders.

Variations: Take a dumbbell or a kettle bell to your lap for extra weight.

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