Local outdoor sports facilities are for everyone and every age

Personal trainer Oona Tolppanen has compiled a list of the main features found in most local outdoor sports facilities as well as tips on how these sites can be used by everyone, regardless of age.

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5 Exercise Easy Full Body Workout

If you were looking for a easy yet efficient workout for full body - you found it!

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Young peoples self-organised physical activity

Young people’s self-organised physical activity has a strong social aspect

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11 Unique Playgrounds

Playground can be something that either pops out or blends in and at its best, it also serves as a landmark for people to remember the location. We collected eleven unique playgrounds from all around the world for your inspiration. Which one is your favourite?

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Thinking about safety

Safety consciousness is considered different ways all over the world. Lappset Creative`s Country Manager from China compares differences between China and Finland.

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Wellbeing from nature

According to a study conducted by Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke)‏‏‏‎, almost every Finn has nature experiences. These experiences can be swimming by the summer cottage, a bead of sweat on your forehead when searching for cloudberries from the swamps, or perhaps a walk along the fitness trails in the nearby forest after a day at work. In any case, after a nature experience you often feel relaxed and revitalised.

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Five steps to an active outdoor area for all ages

Are you designing an activity area? Here are the best five tips to consider, when starting the design work.

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Play areas in the future

When I was a child I would run to the play area, desperate to fly down the slide backwards and head first, or jump off the swing at the full extent of its arc to see if I could still land standing up. The seesaw was another favourite, my brother and I would bounce up on the seat so hard that the other rocketed into the air, we would see how high we could make each other go, and stopped when our bottoms hurt from hitting the seat so much. But how long ago was this, how much have play areas changed and what is in store for the future?

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What is Parkour?

Lappset is committed to develop Parkour in France and it enables us to work closely with all the local players. One of the important partners is a parkour association called ADD Academy Finistère in the eastern part of France in Breton. There are five ADD academies in France: Paris, Nantes, Bordeaux, Toulouse and Finistère.

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Age-friendly Cities and Communities

The inclusion of older people in community activities to better meet their needs has been acknowledged by the World Health Global Network.

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10 reasons why outdoor training is better than a gym workout

Have you ever thought why you should start to train when you see a proper outdoor gym? This blog might help you to decide!

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Story about parallel reality

Let me tell you a story about parallel reality. In parallel reality, many things are the same as in our familiar reality, but some things are a little bit, and sometimes a lot, different. I will use myself as an example citizen of this parallel world and tell you about a normal day in that parallel life.

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How to find the motivation to exercise?

Why do I want to exercise? What keeps me going and what is the importance of exercise for me? If physical appearance or a single result is the only goal, motivation is difficult to maintain.

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An inclusive playground is perfect for everyone

Terhi Tamminen is an expert on the accessibility of the built environment. Read from the blog how Inclusive Design thinking can be used to design a playground.

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Living environment

Aarni Mertala, Sport Concept Manager from Lappset Group, thinks that many sports have been invented inspired by our daily surroundings or by necessity imposed by them.

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Interaktiivinen dj pöytä ulos
Digital play in the future

Product designer Rob Tuitert from Yalp, Lappset`s subsidiary in The Netherlands, tells about his visions of digital play.

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Designing a Senior Park

Landscape designer Arja Paula speaks about aspects to consider when designing a Senior park.

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Street Workout for beginners

Street Workout - instructions and variations for beginners

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Thoughts of play

How do you recognise play and playfulness? And what do children perceive as being play? What makes children play? In this blog, I will try to answer these questions backing up my ideas with research done in Finland and abroad.

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Lappset Fitness Park

Outdoor fitness parks create variation to training for personal trainer Oona Tolppanen and her customers.

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Colours as a part of product design

Colour is in many cases the most salient quality of a product. We often identify and describe objects by their colour rather than their shape or structure.

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Life-long activity

A young child’s expanding sense of initiative is often observed within their curiosity, exploration and very active behaviour. Play is a natural component of a child’s everyday life and assists the child to make sense of his or her world, and learn about their bodies and movement capabilities. Children’s activities typically incorporates vigorous physical components, and is motivated through an inate drive to play, therefore it may be called as a physically active play.

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New requirements for sports and recreational areas

Playgrounds and fitness sites are increasingly perceived as a single coherent entity. And rightly so, because as children grow older, play develops into other types of physical activity. By the time they reach adulthood, they have hopefully adopted a lifestyle in which physical exercise plays an important part.

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Designing playground for a wide user group

It’s easy to distinguish a kids’ playground from a outdoor fitness site. However, designers tend to prefer that the area serves a wide range of users. Often the sites provide playground equipment for children and fitness equipment for adults. While it is fully possible to prepare a creative plan for such a site, it’s important to follow a few ground rules.

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Designed for children

When a designer is assigned to plan a playground, what do they consider first? Quite honestly: the money and the space available. In the worst case, the design process little else than fitting the playground equipment in place and calculating the costs. But is this good enough? No, nowhere near, but sadly this is how playground designers often tend to work.

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Street workout Lappset
Bodyweight training

If you google the phrase “street workout” you will get more than 117 million hits. Street workout is a type of physical activity that has rapidly become a popular pastime of choice and is gaining new fans around the world.

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