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Lappset Group Ltd is a financially stable Finnish business, which has the second highest AA credit rating. On this page you can browse our financial reports.


Business ID and e-invoicing address

Please look after the environment and send us your bills electronically!

Lappset Group Ltd’s e-invoicing operator is Pagero Oy, whose operator ID is 003723609900 or PAGERO.

Business ID: 9126694-6
E-invoicing address: 003791266946

If you are unable to produce e-invoices, you can use our billing portal. Lappset Group Ltd has a billing portal provided by Pagero Oy. Instructions for logging in and using the service as well as contact details can be found at The portal can be used to produce invoices free of charge, and the project code is FreePortal_Lappset.

For more information about submitting e-invoices and saving the e-invoicing address in your system, contact your own e-invoicing operator’s customer service, your bank or your accountant. The routing of e-invoices between different operators is described on the Finnish Information Society Development Centre’s website at 

Our accounts department is happy to provide more information. Contact us!

Financial report
63.5 MEURConsolidated turnover 2018
56.1 %Equity ratio 2018
2.9 MEUROperating profit 2018

The turnover for Lappset Group in 2018 reached new heights

The turnover for Lappset Group in the 2018 financial year grew dramatically to 63.5 million euros (50.8 MEUR in 2017), representing a growth of 25 % compared to the previous year. Each of the Group’s three business divisions exceeded sales targets. The Group’s profit for the 2018 financial year was 2.9 million euros, representing 4.5 % of turnover (3.1 MEUR in 2017). The reduction in profits was largely due to increases in staff expenses and challenges with feasibility of contracts. The Group’s equity ratio was 56.1 %

Additional information in the attached Financial Statement 2018 document and in the news release