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We invite mankind outdoors

Take up a challenge and complete Lappset's 50 playful and fun tasks to participate in Lappset's 50th anniversary celebration.


Lappset Group has been manufacturing playground and sports equipment for 50 years.

Time flies when you have fun!

For 50 years we have inspired millions of people to play, exercise and have fun all over the world.

It was in 1970, when Antero Ikäheimo noticed that the playgrounds were poorly equipped and set up a family-run company manufacturing wooden playground equipment. Today, Lappset is one of the world's leading manufactures of play and exercise equipment, and we are extremely proud of our commitment to the well-being of people of all ages.



Join us to celebrate our 50th anniversary!

When was the last time you came down a slide or had a picnic with your friends? Have you ever made an exercise in an outdoor gym or fitness area? Or when was the last time you just went for a walk in a park, sat down for a while and relaxed?

We hope that you too will take part in celebrating our 50th anniversary. The playful Lappset Challenge includes 50 fun activities related to play, exercise and outdoor life and the tasks are suitable for all ages  from kids to seniors. Lappset Challenge is not a competition, but it's purpose is to  inspire people to spend time outside  and together. The tasks are simple and the style is free!

Ready to add more fun to your year? Simply follow the Lappset challenge list, take a photo or video and share it with us using hashtags
#lappsetchallenge #lappset50 #lappsethaaste

We publish the content you share with us in our social media channels and on this website. 

Rules of the campaign

Please note that some of the tasks might conflict with the current curfew restrictions in your country. Please complete those tasks later when it is possible. 

03.04.2020 13:38
Joskus se pilkkiminen käy tylsäksi niin pittää kehitellä muuta. 😄Lappsetin haasteessa oli että lankuta vähintään 30 sekuntia, mutta oli niin kivat maisemat että annoin pikkusen enemmän 💪😅☀️ Käykäähän tekin lataamassa haaste vaikka lappsetgroup instatilin biosta. 😊👍 #taukojumppa #lankutus #ulkoliikunta #maisemasali #lappsethaaste #lappsetchallenge #wellbeing #mylapland #challenge #outdoors #lapland #rovaniemi #finland #winter #sunnyday
03.04.2020 13:03
"Plank for 30 seconds". Many hobbies have now come to a halt due to the coronavirus situation. Still it's important to take care of your fitness and well-being. 😊 Lappset's anniversary challenge includes also exercises that can be done at home, in an outdoor sports park, in the nearby forest, or, for example, at a playground. Remember, however, to keep the safety distance from other people and take care of hygiene! Download the challenge from the campaign page (link in bio) and #challenge your friends as well! 🤸🏼😊 Share you photos with us: #lappsethaaste #lappsetchallenge #lappset50
02.04.2020 12:54
Throwback Thursday - behind the scenes! During the past 50 years, we have collected a lot of material and pictures about our products and, for example, reference projects. During the half-century, the photos have been stored in many different formats. Initially, there were traditional photographs that were stored in photo albums. Then came the slides and later the images were saved e.g. in CD discs. Today, all images are acquired and stored in digital form. 🎞📽💾💿 Some of the old images have already been digitized, but because there is so much material, other images are still in the archives in their original format. In this case, you have to dig out an old apparatus that enables you to take a visual journey into the history of Lappset! 😄🍀 #tb #throwbackthursday #lappset50 #50yearsofplay #lappset #history #oldphotos #photography #slideprojector
02.04.2020 12:54
#Repost newhorizonsforkids • • • • • • Кто бы мог подумать, что мы, компания, занимающаяся игровым оборудованием, будет просить вас воздержаться от прогулок на детских площадках?! Однако на время эпидемии коронавирусной инфекции мы рекомендуем не посещать детские игровые площадки. Учитывая сложившуюся ситуацию, которая непременно завершиться, нам всем лучше прислушаться к советам специалистов и повременить с прогулками. Сейчас детям можно гулять только на собственных приусадебных участках и дачах. Но на полюбившиеся всем площадки от "Новых Горизонтов" мы вернёмся, как только завершится история с вирусом. Пока же вы можете смотреть ролики в наших соц сетях. Наши партнёры Lappset и Yalp сняли потрясающей красоты ролики. Ставьте нам лайки и не забывайте мыть руки! newhorizonsforkids, #детскиетовары, #детскиеплощадки, #новыегоризонты, #lappset, #производство, #lappset50
Lappset Group
31.03.2020 07:54
Kaipaatko halausta? Etsi mieluinen puu, ota hyvä halausote ja hengitä syvään. Lappsetin #haaste sisältää tehtäviä, jotka tekevät hyvää niin keholle kuin mielelle. Jaa kuvasi käyttämällä hashtageja:#lappsetchallenge #lappset50 #lappsethaaste​ Lataa haaste:
31.03.2020 06:55
Need a hug? Find a tree you like, take a good cuddle and breathe deeply. 💚 Lappset Challenge includes tasks which are good for both body and mind. ☺️ Share your photos with us using hashtags #lappsetchallenge #lappsethaaste #lappset50 Download the list from the campaign page. Link in bio! #lappset #challenge #hugatree #theworldofplayandsports #bodyandmind #wellbeing #play #sports
27.03.2020 12:39
Take a break and do 20 straddle jumps or do walking squats for 10 meters. Lappset Finland Marketing Manager Päivi sets an example! 👏😊 Download from our website Lappset Challenge which includes 50 fun tasks related to play and exercise. Link in bio. You can share your photos and videos using hashtags #lappsetchallenge #lappset50 #lappsethaaste Have a nice weekend! 🤗
26.03.2020 11:59
Imaginary world from the 90s! 😄 The 1990s Lappset First Class product line was designed for children under the age of 4 and like these pictures from an old brochure show, the idea was to encourage children to use their imagination. The ship 🚢 took the little ones for an adventure to a treasure island and the rocket 🚀 flew the children to a planet of Play 🪐where even grandmothers and grandfathers were playing in carousels, swings and slides. 🤸 ♂️Lappset First Class was born as a result of a collaboration between the company's founder, Antero Ikäheimo, and designer Tero Valve. #tb #throwbackthursday #lappset50 #50yearsofplay #worldofplayandsports #anniversary #thenineties #90s
23.03.2020 17:21
Restricting social interaction doesn’t mean you have to stop playing and moving. Let’s not forget to laugh and have fun! 😄🙃 Download playful Lappset challenge to your phone and add more fun to your days. Remember to share the fun as well! 😜 Use hashtags #lappsetchallenge #lappset50 and #lappsethaaste to get featured on our social media channels and the campaign website. Link in bio. Thank you @angelicatraff89 for this hilarious picture! 😂👏 Note, if some of the tasks conflict with the current restrictions in your country, please complete those tasks later when it’s possible. #lappsetchallenge #lappsethaaste #lappset50 #lappset #worldofplayandsports #50yearsofplay #hugatree #challenge
23.03.2020 16:48
Jag hann med en Lappset challenge jag med 😁 ”Gör 20 knäböj”. #lappsetchallenge #50yearsofplay #lappset50 #lappsetsweden #lappsetgroup
23.03.2020 13:55
Då kör vi Lappset challenge -krama ett träd! En av 50 utmaningar #lappsetchallenge #50yearsofplay #lappset50 #lappsetsweden #lappsetgroup
23.03.2020 13:03
Tar mig an Lappsets utmaning gör ett kort-djur. lappsetsweden #lappsetsweden #lappsetchallenge #50yearsofplay #lappset50
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