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Join the family and apply to be an official Lappset Channel Partner

Who are we?

For over 50 years, we here at Lappset Group have been striving to create fun and innovative park and playground solutions to suit the desires and needs of our customers, the world around. One of the many things that have led to our continued growth and success is our strong network of dealers, spread out around the globe. By sharing our values and vision, we have provided solutions to over 60 partners around the world and now we want you to join our select group of official Lappset Channel Partners.

Why Lappset?

In addition to being trailblazers in the world of commercial park and playground equipment, we are also professionals in design, safety, maintenance, sales and marketing. We stand behind our dealers and their projects, providing support and know-how every step of the way. With projects ranging from small housing development playgrounds and pocket parks to massive installations at prominent shopping centers and travel destinations, we’re skilled and agile when it comes to design, project planning, execution and after care. We are actively seeking to expand our dealer network and you could be our next ideal dealer partner!

What are we looking for in a partner?

As an independent, family company, we believe that holding true to our values and mission is what makes us not only a unique partner in the commercial park and playground industry, but also gives us the strength and vision to deliver an exceptional product for every customer that we interact with. We appreciate partners that prioritize our products and services when they begin to plan their projects, as well as those that offer turn-key solutions that allow their customers to get what they want, when they want it. Our ideal partner is established and highly-regarded in the commercial park and playground industry and is also able and motivated to grow their business. 

We also appreciate the nitty-gritty details when it comes to our partners. Having a skilled, experienced and knowledgeable staff in the fields of sales, marketing, landscape/playground design, installation and maintenance ensures us that your company has the tried-and-true professionals within it to take every project from the initial contact stage to the finish line with confidence and competence. 

Additionally, we seek to work with honest and honorable partners. Having a solid business plan, that is both well-defined and followed diligently, is important to us. We believe in the sanctity of mutual contracts and hold open communication and the seamless sharing of knowledge and progress reports in the highest of regards. As a company that prides ourselves on the strength of our management and operations teams, we seek to work with like-minded dealers that are willing to engage closely with us and that abstain from offering directly competitive products to our own. If you have big dreams and want to go after the big fish, we can and want to help!

What to expect from us?

With some of the most well-known and celebrated products in the commercial park and playground industry, we bring a lot to the table to help your business succeed and thrive.
In addition to our expansive park, play and outdoor sports product offerings, we also bring some of the best safety professionals and most visionary designers in the world.

We value transparency and sustainability in everything we do; as well as being an active and contributory member in our community. We are strong supporters of diversity and inclusivity in the workplace and actively seek to expand our operations with individuals that think outside of the box and that bring new and fresh ideas to the table. We are financially responsible and are committed to ensuring that our dealers also hold strong to this set of principles and ideals.

Our primary language of business is English, so having staff members that are able to communicate effectively and efficiently in English is paramount. We prefer to work methodically and do our due diligence when evaluating our applicants, with our qualification and on-boarding process lasting approximately one to three months. If you meet our criteria and we can come to an agreement, we like being able to hit the ground running with you and your team.

Apply to be a Lappset Channel Partner today!

We are delighted that you have chosen to learn more about our partner program and have taken interest in the opportunity of becoming a Lappset Channel Partner. So as to have a better understanding of how our future conversations and negotiations may progress, we ask that you please complete the form below so that we may acquire some additional background information about your company, your background in the commercial park and playground industry and your ambitions for the future.

The information given is being processed with confidentiality by selected people within our company and is not disclosed to any third parties. Read more about about our privacy policy.

If you want to get to know the questions before you start to fill the inquiry, please download the list here.

Submit your application

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