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Time flies when you have fun!



We have inspired millions of people to play, exercise and have fun all over the world since 1970.

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Playground equipment

Our playground equipment fits your vision! Our high quality range includes slides, climbing frames and rocking animals. Playgrounds are colourful and natural-looking, made from wood or metal, for all age groups.

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Outdoor sport equipment

The Lappset Sport range of equipment provides safe and sustainable training opportunities like outdoor gyms and parkour training. All products have a modern design for people of all ages and fitness levels.

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Park furniture

Our Park furniture is carefully designed and our benches are made from high-quality materials. Lappset Park and street furniture gets people out of their homes and into shared outdoor spaces.

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Here you can explore our previous projects featuring both play and sport products and park and street furniture.

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Latest projects around the world
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"I love this freerun park! There are many different kinds of jumps and movements that I can't do as well at other parks." Freerunner Samuel van Rijn is excited with the new Dash Parkour park in Hague, the Netherlands. 🤩👏 A military training exercise turned in to a fun sport what is known as parkour or “free-running”, today. With Lappset's Dash Parkour setups freerunning is fun and challenging but in a safe environment.  #lappset #parkour #freerunning #sports #dashparkour #design #traceur #outdoorlife
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Bring nature close! 🍁 The nature inspired Lappset Flora range is one of our most popular product groups‍‍‍‍. All the standard Flora products are now availale with super fast one week manufacturing lead time! 👏😊 This means the products are ready to leave the factory in seven days after the order has been placed. You can check all our Flora products from our website! 👉
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If you combine Lappset Premium, a beautiful golden coast and our creative MyDesign team, what do you get? ​🤔😉 Well, Kaisa Golden Bay resort in Shenzhen, China, got this eye striking playground whose highest tower, the lighthouse, reaches to 7,4 metres! 🤩 The resort attracts a huge number of tourists of all ages all year round and this playground surely offers fun for everyone 😄👏🙃 #playground #lappset #playtower #lighthouse #worldofplay #goldenbayresort #hightower #design #mydesign #playgroundsoftheworld #lappsetpremium
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Have you ever thought that a playground, a kindergarten yard, or a school yard also serves as a learning environment? Playing and movement stimulate both the brain and the whole body and thus help in thinking and learning. Therefore, play areas for children should be designed so that they provide stimuli for different activities, different kinds of users and different ways of thinking​. ✅ Playing helps in remembering.​ ✅ Play develops creative thinking.​ ✅ Through play, the child structures the world and what he or she has learned.​ ✅ Role playing helps to learn social skills. ​ Read more about the topic in the blog of Pirkko Siklander, a researcher and docent at the University of Oulu. Link in bio 😊 #learningenvironment #learning #playing #playgrounds #childeducation #lappset #school #kindergarten #childdevelopment
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Finno is one of Lappset’s first product brands. We can proudly say Finno meets all the needs of an excellent playground equipment! Safe, user centered design, many bright colour options, variable play functions with enough challenge, high quality materials, ease of installation and maintenance. 🌞 #lappsetgroup #lappset #lappsetplay #lappsetfinno
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Cheerful spring animals refresh any playground! They can tolerate rough riding and changing weather conditions- remaining safe playground classics year after year. 🍀 #lappset #lappsetgroup #lappsetplay
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Our classic product range Finno is easy to modify, combine and customize due to its modularity. Finno is available in many colours and the Finno playgrounds can be seamlessly combined with other product ranges, such as our sport area equipment and park products. No matter how small or big your budget is- Finno is the solution! 😊 #lappsetgroup #lappset #lappsetfinno #lappsetplay
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Do you remember the playgrounds of your childhood and have you noticed how much they have changed?🙃 Technology is changing our lives dramatically and play areas are just starting to take advantage of the new possibilities. Read a blog about future playgrounds from our website. 😊🍀 #tb #throwbackthursday #lappset50 #50yearsofplay #futureplaygrounds #worldofplayandsports #anniversary
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