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Welcome to the world of play and sports!

Our fun, inspiring and positively surprising facilities help people to stay active today and feel better tomorrow. 

Playground equipment

Our playground equipment fits your vision! Our high quality range includes slides, climbing frames and rocking animals. Playgrounds are colourful and natural-looking, made from wood or metal, for all age groups.

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Outdoor sport equipment

The Lappset Sport range of equipment provides safe and sustainable training opportunities like outdoor gyms and parkour training. All products have a modern design for people of all ages and fitness levels.

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Park furniture

Our Park furniture is carefully designed and our benches are made from high-quality materials. Lappset Park and street furniture gets people out of their homes and into shared outdoor spaces.

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Lappset Premium

Is it a diving whale or a creature from outer space? Either way it caught your eye, didn't it? Lappset Premium challenges our perceptions of playgrounds. These unique, modern and architectural playgrounds are cityscapes of the future, made for all senses.

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In his master’s thesis, Jussi Virta examined how the renewal of playgrounds can better support children’s development. The scholarship was awarded on 12 February 2020 at the Landscape and Technology Expo Viherpäivät 2020 held in Jyväskylä.
Last year, the City of Imatra and Lappset Group Oy came together to organise this competition for ideas for spatial planning, with the Ukonniemi tree nursery being the target location. The grand jury for the award chose the winning proposal as the “Maiha” idea devised by a team of two students from the Häme University of Applied Sciences.
Lappset Group supports the activities of the Lapland University of Applied Sciences by granting student scholarships and achievement awards. The intention is to encourage students to seek employment in the commercial sector and international business. The scholarships are part of the 50th anniversary of the Lappset Group and the company's policy of social responsibility and university cooperation.