Safety surfacing

There are always a few accidents in the playground.  Little heads stay spinning a good while after a go on the roundabout, and little legs cannot always keep up.  Lappset safety surfacing is designed to protect children so that most dangerous looking situations turn out to be just harmless little scares.

Standardised safety

Lappset safety surfacing is made out of soft materials that prevent injuries from falling. The materials conform to the requirements of the EN 1176-1 safety standard as long as you match the thickness of the surfacing correctly to the product’s fall height. Safety surfacing requires solid, level, water-permeable ground underneath. Different colour options allow you to coordinate the colour scheme of your playground from the floor to the tips of the equipment.

Softex safety tiles

The safety tiles consist of colourful rubber granules that are glued together with a weather-resistant adhesive. The tiles are available in the following colours: red, grey, green, yellow, blue and beige. Softex safety tiles are mainly made of reclaimed materials and they can be recycled again.

Safegrass sand-filled synthetic turf

Sand-filled synthetic turf can be used to create cost-efficient seamless surfaces that have excellent impact absorbency properties thanks to their base and surface layers. The artificial turf looks impressive, is easy to install and allows water to pass through. The colour options are red, green, white, yellow, blue and black.  Sand-filled artificial turf can be recycled.

Wetpour is a seamless safety surface material

Made from rubber shreds and a polyurethane compound, Wetpour withstands even abrasive wear. The material is mixed on site and then cast, which requires special expertise and leaving time for setting. Colours can be laid out in ways that help partially sighted users find their way around. Wetpour is another recyclable safety surface material.

Natural materials

Natural materials such as grass, sand, gravel, wood chips and bark are popular and affordable materials for safety surfaces. Gravel is suitable for many different products and even the biggest acceptable fall heights. Grass can only be used with low-rise elements and in rest areas, as grass only protects for up to a 1.5.metre fall height and is subject to wear. Natural materials are easy to apply but require regular maintenance.
Ask your local dealer about the different safety surface options. Materials may differ from country to country due to availability and climate requirements.

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