Light exercise, with remarkable effects

As a person grows older, moving and exercise gain new meanings. Not only do they support one’s ability to function; they also involve an increasingly important social dimension, and the exercise also develops mental skills. Even light exercise rewards senior citizens with experiences of accomplishment As their skills grow stronger they regain the ability to function independently. All Senior Sport products from Lappset include various elements that hone senior citizens’ ability to function in a versatile, balanced way. With the help of our products, they can engage in dozens of exercises that help them manage their everyday life. The next page features examples of diverse exercises and their benefits.

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Exercising the upper body to add flexibility and strength making it easier to

  • reach up for dishes or to the hat rack
  • put on socks
  • spread clean laundry to dry


Walking on different surfaces, building muscle mass and flexibility, and exercising the knees makes it easier to

  • walk in the bathroom
  • climb stairs
  • pick things up from the floor
  • sit down and get up again
  • get out of cars

With work on manual dexterity, it becomes easier to

  • use a mobile phone
  • hold a cup
  • button one’s shirt
  • open doors
  • open cans and other containers
  • handle small objects