The best results come from group exercise instruction

Our services also include exercise instruction at the parks. Instruction is available at various levels, tailored to the client’s needs. Exercise sessions can be led by either the client’s own physiotherapists or Lappset’s partners. The availability of instruction helps the park-users feel safer during their exercise at the park. This ensures that they benefit from its social and functional elements to the fullest.

At its best, the instruction service can make sure that each park-visitor frequently receives professional instruction from a health-promoting exercise expert. This ensures that the visitor’s unique needs and resources are taken into account as well as possible. When it is possible to acknowledge individual differences, a safe, personal exercise and outdoor activity programme can be created for all senior citizens using the park. They can then individually follow the programme in any yard close to their home.

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‘The Senior Sport park is a great alternative for indoor exercise. Ideally, all municipalities should invest in at least weekly group exercise sessions led by physiotherapists in senior parks. At other times, the senior citizens could use the park independently, or, for example, they might elect peer instructors from among themselves to lead outdoor activities!’

Marianne Kyrklund, Master of Science (Health Care), physiotherapist with Suomen Terveysliikuntainstituutti