Design tips

Exercise and spending time outdoors have many positive effects on the life of the elderly. One of these is the social aspect of exercise. For senior citizens living alone, spending time outdoors is an opportunity to meet other people and peers while doing something meaningful.

To support the social dimension of outdoor activities, areas for senior citizens should have enough space and be equipped with furniture that makes it possible for them to chat and gather freely. Meeting friends at the park also attracts them to going outdoors.

  • Senior communal areas may include traditional elements that create a community spirit, such as a grill.
  • Benches with armrests and of a proper height make it easier to sit and get up.
  • Flowerbeds can be both a functional and an aesthetic element. Local residents can take care of flowerbeds by themselves if these are at a suitable height.
  • Even surfaces make it is easy to reach the area.
  • Colours make the park more accessible for the weak-sighted and divide the park into distinct areas.
  • The placement of equipment and park furniture is carefully planned from the standpoint of functionality and social interaction.
  • The senior park is a safe exercise environment, as the equipment is placed sufficiently close to the ground.
  • Wood is a warm material that suits many environments well.

A functional set of equipment, permitting dozens of exercises, can even be installed for small spaces. You can also tailor the set with the MyDesign! design service.

If space permits, it is recommended to recognise the social aspect of outdoor activities. For example, a grill, flower boxes, and benches can be placed in suitable spots in the yard.

The MyDesign! design service helps you piece together a suitable set of equipment that makes everyday health-promoting exercise possible even in larger areas. This tailored plan can include not only the Senior Sport equipment but also ground materials and all outdoor furniture, up to litter bins.

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‘Senior citizens often fear going out. Am I strong enough? Are there places to rest? Senior parks are for people over 65. There they may face challenges that they also encounter in everyday life, such as getting on the bus, climbing stairs, and opening cans, but the parks also offer spots for resting. Such exercise parks are a unique opportunity for senior citizens to take care of themselves.’

Pirkko Lahti, psychologist and long-time chair of the Miina Sillanpää Foundation