Parks designed to meet users’ needs: Taavetinpuisto

Lappset has delivered equipment for senior citizens and a set of park furniture for Helsinki’s Taavetinpuisto, realised by the Miina Sillanpää Foundation in collaboration with the City of Helsinki. The park is a meeting place for the elderly, a pleasant environment in which they can stop for some light exercise and spend time with friends. The sport equipment in the park also suits those whose mobility is limited or who use a wheelchair. The foundation holds frequent instructed exercise sessions for senior citizens at the park. Anyone can participate.

The Miina Sillanpää Foundation is a pioneer of activating the elderly in Finland. The foundation has lent us valuable expertise in the course of development of the senior concept.

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"Municipalities and cities achieve considerable savings by making a oneoff investment that restores the ability to walk of the elderly, preventing them from hurting themselves by falling down. From the perspective of mental health, people relieve their anxiety when they walk in the fresh air outside. Taking a walk brings a rhythm to the day, and a feeling of having accomplished something. These things have an important effect on wellbeing.”

Pirkko Lahti, psychologist and long-time chair of the Miina Sillanpää Foundation