Health promoting exercise supports the well-being of the elderly

The worldwide number of people over 60 years of age is growing at a faster pace than that of any other age group. If this age group grows as predicted, they will number nearly two billion by 2050. At that point, people over 60 will, for the first time in history, constitute a larger proportion of the world’s population than people younger than 14.

A good ability to function guarantees the well-being of the elderly.

Proven product efficiency  

Lappset’s product range for senior citizens sustains well-being and has been developed in close collaboration with exercise professionals. We draw from research on the elderly and monitor the usage of our products alongside our clients and the end users. Furthermore, we engage in continuous development work with exercise professionals and experts in various aspects of health care. Hence we are able to ensure the functionality and safety of our products and to maximise their benefit for the users. All the products in our product range, as well as the items of outdoor furniture recommended to supplement them, comply with European quality and safety standards. By using high-quality materials and solutions that withstand even extreme conditions, all of our products are long-term and safe investments.

A global test environment

Ageing of the population and the associated challenges are a globally important theme. As a preventive measure, the World Health Organization has set up the WHO Global Network of Age-friendly Cities and Communities. Building a park for senior citizens is one way of building an environment that better meets the needs of the elderly. We have already built more than a thousand parks for senior citizens, in 23 countries, worldwide (for example, in Asia, Australia, and Europe).

Lappset has built more than 600 senior parks around the cities of Barcelona, Girona, and Lleida, in the region of Catalonia, north-east Spain.

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‘We spent 20 years of our life getting ready to work and for an active life in society, but no-one prepared us for the longest part of our existence, which stretches from retirement to death. Once we are retired, society forgets about us. We cannot work or apply for a loan. Even our falling in love is questioned. Old age is not a question of one’s number of years on this planet; it starts when one is left without something to do, without dreams. A whopping 80% of the elderly’s ailments ease or disappear with 30 minutes of daily exercise that takes place outdoors and in company.’

José Joaquín García, gerontology specialist with FNM (Federación Nacional de Centros y Servicios de Mayores), Spain