Finno play arenas and ball games

Finno play arena and ball game products are designed to help users build up a sweat and experience the thrill of the game. Play arena and ball game equipment offers a challenge for active playground-goers. Players lose sense of time and strangers become team mates.

The football and multi-activity arena ArcSport is a multi-tasker

In its default form, the Finno ArcSport multi-activity arena is a football arena. The football arena is easy to make suitable for other sports. Accessories such as floor hockey goals, basketball racks and baskets or volley ball nets and posts as well as maintenance gates and information signs are available for the ArcSport multi-activity arena. Lappset recommends that sand-filled synthetic turf be used as the base material for the arena, because of its versatile characteristics. The ArcSport Arena comes in three different sizes and is designed for children over the age of three.

The Panna football arena gives football a new meaning

The Panna is a round miniature football arena originally designed for a Surinamese game called Panna Knock Out. Panna football is a game that requires extremely good coordination and ball control. Panna by Lappset and its robust cage offer the perfect setting for school PE classes as well as break time or after school games.

Areas for ball games and ball walls bring diversity to sports facilities

Finno’s Basketball Rack, Ball Point and Ball Wall are designed for children over the age of six. The Basketball Rack also includes a basket. The Ball Point is a ball wall unit with a 2.5 metre wide wall and basket. The versatile Ball Point wall can be used in a variety of different ways, if you use your imagination. The traditional Ball Wall, which is about 2.5 metres wide, is a fun place to kick a ball around with friends.

Local Exercise Parks

Lappset offers a variety of local exercise parks near homes and schools. People of all ages can gather at local exercise parks to play and exercise with no pressure. The local exercise park is a meeting place for three generations. Local exercise parks are suitable for free-time exercise, fun family time, school PE classes and as a training site for sports and athletics clubs.

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Panna football