Bodyweight training – Anywhere at any time

Bodyweight training is a form of weight training, where your own body is used as a resistance instead of regular weights. As a form of physical activity it suits for everyone, because the movements can vary for your own physical condition and personal goals. Unlike traditional gym training, bodyweight training doesn`t depend the place or the time. In practice you are able to train anywhere at any time. Typical movements for bodyweight training are pull-ups, push-ups and squats. It also involves static holds like handstands.

Creativity is a vital part of the bodyweight training. Common basic movements can be modified and done in different environments. This way training remains diverse and challenging. Lappset Street workout improves body strength, control and awareness 

Lappset Street Workout

Lappset Street Workout is developed in co-operation with the Finnish Street Workout Association. The products are based on the existing collection of Lappset Fitness and they are developed further to be more suitable for bodyweight training. Other Fitness products like boxes goes hand in hand with Street workout creating more opportunities for complete training. Other Lappset Sport products works also with Street Workout.

The products are suitable in existing areas and they go well also as a single product in parks, beaches, shopping malls and sport areas adding more variety to different fields of sports.


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