Fitness – Everybody is an athlete

Speed, strength and balance

Lappset Fitness products are designed to maintain and improve physical fitness – step by step. This combination of activity tracks and efficient, CrossFit-based muscle exercises flexibly adapts itself to every person's individual needs.

These versatile activity tracks build strength and endurance. A variety of training devices keeps exercise interesting and allows for setting specific goals and working efficiently towards reaching them. Everyone is free to use the equipment at their own pace for their personal fitness level – and above all, to cherish the sheer joy of physical activity.

Involving the whole body  

Lappset Fitness products help to improve stamina, strength, mobility, agility, balance and speed. The wide range of equipment facilitates targeted workouts for all parts of the body: surmounting and passing under various obstacles, weightlifting, chin-ups, running and more. By varying the choice of equipment and adapting speed and the number of repetitions, it is easy for everyone to create their personal fitness program – from the occasional workout to serious athletic training.

Fitness Park and Fitness Track 

Designed with adults in mind, the Fitness Park concept is based on repetitive movements and CrossFit training strategies. Fitness Track is an alternative for children and teens, suitable even for spontaneous competitions. The Fitness concept has been developed in cooperation with Mikko Salo, CrossFit World Champion 2009, and Anu Puonti, Finland's only official CrossFit Kids coach.

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