Lappset Sport - A New Era of Outdoor Activity

Lappset Sport parks are activity zones  individually tailored to the needs of their users and the environment. As versatile, fun-oriented meeting places for people of all ages they encourage stress-free exercise, inviting everyone to participate at their own pace without the pressure to perform.

Sport parks bring different generations together in play and social interaction, not competition. Stop by during your jog to exercise a few different muscle groups, raise your pulse on the Parkour equipment or meet-up with your friends and neighbours for a ball game. Teens enjoy the challenges of climbing walls and street workout, while senior citizens appreciate the possibility of maintaining their motor skills in a fun, entertaining way.

Versatile product series

The Lappset Sport range comprises several subseries: metal Gym equipment, wooden Fitness equipment, various Senior Sport products, urban Parkour Solutions as well as Wall Bouldering climbing walls and accessories. All subseries can be complemented with interactive solutions that combine exercise and technology in new, exciting ways.

Create your own sport park

Lappset Sport equipment is designed for public spaces, where it is freely available to everybody. Our Sport products allow for infinite combinations – from one or two pieces of equipment to an entire park. The ergonomic, timeless Lappset design guarantees years of joyful exercise.

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