What’s new?

Finno has been updated from time to time during its long journey started in 1974. In 2015 we are introducing a wide selection of improvements in the looks, features and materials. 

The most significant revisions:

  • Broad collection of new colour and material options
  • Countless number of different combinations in a single product
  • Harmonized module size with other products 
  • New wall materials (HPL, wood and climbing wall either transparent or with holes)
  • Special wall elements
  • 3 different roof options (ridge rood, frame top and sky top)
  • Prolonged lifespan with the increased use of safe and environmental friendly high pressure laminate (HPL) with a warranty of 20 years!


Today’s Finno is:

  • Versatile and ductile
  • Harmonious
  • Well fitted with other product groups
  • Full of new play functions
  • Guaranteed to be safe and durable
  • Ecological





Apilatekstit_web_en1.png  Apilatekstit_web_en2.pngApilatekstit_web_en3.png  Apilatekstit_web_en4.png