Design and colours at play

With the streamlined Scandinavian design and pre-configurated colour themes, Finno product solutions readily adapt to newly built as well as existing environments, be they urban or rural. 

This safe classic has been in continuous production since 1974. Finno is the oldest and most versatile product group in Lappset’s wide range of outdoor solutions. New collection introduces a bright future with fresh colours and modern design together with all-time favourite products. 

Landscape changes, Finno adapts

  • Modern and classic surroundings, urban or rural
  • Finno units can be expanded over time, using matching or contrasting colours according to your preference
  • The amount of time spent on planning is up to you – select one of our ready-made ensembles or creatively combine colous and functions.




Choose Fitness and Senior Sport products to go with Finno!

Design_play_sport2.png   Design_play_sport3.png

                             FITNESS               SENIOR SPORt


Ready-to-go colour themes

Detailed information of colour themes



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