A playground full of sculptures

Halo is a safe playground for children and a work of art for adults. The clear lines of Halo are an expression of high-quality, durable Finnish wood design. Light brings safety and abstract forms leave plenty of room for the imagination.

Two factors make Halo stand out: its spacious, streamlined Scandinavian design, which offers more features than traditional playground equipment, and a lighting solution that facilitates longer playing hours into the evening. The soft light lends a warm, inviting atmosphere to climbing structures, slides, carousels and sandboxes.

For urban environments

Halo is ideal for sophisticated, carefully planned urban environments where the well-being of residents is held in high regard. Durable materials, carefully-measured contrasts and bright structures are a pleasure not only in daylight, but also after dark. The transparent roof panels allow light to pass through during the day, while the optional solar panels store it to power ambient lighting at night. 

Strong materials

Halo consists of sturdy, soft-coloured modules linked together by outwardly invisible connectors. The basic material is ecologically-sound wood; treads and wear surfaces are made of steel, laminate, composite materials and special plastics. The grips of the climbing walls are made of rock mass and the nets are wrought from durable, coated steel cables. 

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