Railings and fences

Railings and fences are space dividers. Railings and fences perform their function if they separate spaces from each other without creating an enclosed feel.

Practical and durable fences

Lappset's railings and fences have a classical design. They are therefore clear yet discreet space dividers. Our range includes five fence models, which are suitable for various environments. One of the models is made of recycled plastic, the other four are made of metal. The metal models come in numerous colours, which you can combine according to your preferences.

A railing for a rest

Railings give us a chance to have a rest. Sometimes in the hustle and bustle, we all need a railing to lean on. Lappset's range includes four types of railings. Our railings are made to be as maintenance-free as possible. The materials used in our railings are wood and electrodeposited, powder-painted steel. The railings come in a variety of heights and colours so that there is a suitable railing for every environment

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Ströget fence